Robin Padilla brings to life komiks character "Joaquin Bordado"

Joaquin Bordado was brought to life by Ramon Revilla Sr. on the big screen during the '80s. Now, Robin Padilla gives his interpretation of the supernatural tatooed hero for the small screen. Iza Calzado plays his wife Sofia and Renz Valerio is cast as their son, Jimboy.

After the success of the action-adventure Asian Treasures, Robin Padilla is back in the action-fantasy-adventure Joaquin Bordado on GMA-7.

Joaquin Bordado was created by komiks maverick Carlo J. Caparas in the late ‘70s. It is about the adventures of Joaquin Apacible, an assassin masquerading as a sales agent. A family man at heart, Joaquin wishes to settle down to live a quiet life with his wife Sofia (played by Iza Calzado) and son Jimboy (played by Renz Valerio). His last mission as an assassin of a special military service group is to kill the head of an illegal arms dealer group. This last escapade will cause him to get caught and be imprisoned for some time.

Joaquin knows that his old boss, General Russo (Eddie Garcia) will do everything to kill him since Joaquin holds vital information about the covert group. While serving time in jail, Joaquin meets a mysterious man whose body is full of tattoos, as well as two inmates, Tom and Jerry (Maverick and Ariel), who become good friends of Joaquin.

Vowing to correct his mistakes and reconnect with his wife Sofia, Joaquin makes plans to escape jail. Unknown to him, one of his fellow inmates is actually an assassin in disguise sent by General Russo to kill Joaquin. But the hero of the story won't remain dead for long.

Jilco (Pen Medina), the mysterious man with tattoos, will resurrect Joaquin. The powerful tattoos—Miguela (cherubim), Aratu (rat), Asaru (snake), Kris (sword), Lamina (eagle), Jihasu (jaguar), Orago (dragon) and Erenea (warrior girl, played by Robin's daughter Kylie Padilla)—are all transferred to Joaquin.

Joaquin's powerful tattoos come from the land of the witches that dates back hundreds of years ago. The conflict of the good and evil witches stems from the magical chest Xelvarria, which contains the most twisted and darkest forces known to man. Joaquin is tasked to kill the keeper named Cefiro (played by John Regala) and destroy this magical chest before it harms humankind.

With his new powers, Joaquin gets a new life and faces challenges as the chosen heir who will continue the mission to defend the good from the evil elements in the world.


Joaquin Bordado also stars Ian Veneracion, Mark Herras, Iwa Moto, Ryza Cenon, John Regala, Ralph Padilla, Rommel Padilla, Mon Confiado, Mike Magat, Antonio Aquitania, and Rez Cortez.

Mac Alejandre and Argel Joseph direct the show. Headwriter of Joaquin Bordado is Suzette Doctolero. Costume design is by Noel Flores and production design will be provided by Roy Red as well as visual effects created by Larger Than Life.

Joaquin Bordado airs on the Kapuso Network starting on Monday, February 11, during GMA-7's Telebabad block right after Marimar.





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