KC Concepcion graces "Maalaala Mo Kaya" special post-Valentine episode

"There are things that need to be resolved and someone has to begin the process of resolving unfinished business... It's true, in real life, you cope, you learn to get over things," said KC Concepcion on what she gained from the acting workshop she attended to prepare for her role in the February 15 episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya.

The minute Jerry Sineneng was told that he would be directing KC Concepcion for a special episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya, the respected director went into panic mode.

"Siyempre kabang-kaba ako kasi KC Concepcion na ‘yan, anak ni Ms. Sharon Cuneta, ni Mr. Gabby Concepcion," said Direk Jerry to the members of the press yesterday, February 11, in a press conference held at the 9501 restaurant in ABS-CBN, Quezon City.

Beyond KC's intimidating background, Direk Jerry—a veteran in his craft as well as in dealing with various showbiz character—was understandably more concerned about certain things common among showbiz personalities.

"I don't know her personally," he said bluntly, "baka may attitude, suplada ba ‘yan?"

But those questions turned out to be unfounded right from their first meeting and throughout the shooting.

"Napakabait. It's an honor for me to work with KC. It's a pleasure, it's a pleasure. She's very professional, sobra po ‘yong commitment t'saka yong passion. Wala akong reklamo sa batang ‘to. Kahit ilagay mo diyan or naka-upo lang siya sa isang sulok ok na siya wala siyang ere wala siyang ‘I want a room' ‘I'm so tired' wala siyang ganoon. Wala talagang ganoon, I swear, wala talaga siyang demands or anything," he observed animatedly.


TAKING THE PLUNGE. For her first television drama appearance, KC turned out to be a revelation—prompting ABS-CBN executives to remark that for an upstart, she definitely exceeded all expectations.

For the public, especially her fans, the anticipation to see KC on screen was worth the wait. Playing coy, or perhaps just being plain choosy, KC has always been swamped with TV and movie offers, but she always, politely, turned them down.

"I follow my instinct," said KC when asked on her considerations in choosing projects. "Hindi ko naman kasi po pinaplano talaga, e. Hindi po siya calculated talaga. Siguro blessing na lang din po that there are people around me who wants to support and who are inspired to work on certain project that will inspire certain people."

Of all the scripts submitted to the 22-year old stunner, one particularly stood up and stirred her interest. When the people behind Maalaala Mo Kaya learned that KC wanted to launch her acting career via the award-winning drama anthology program, their reaction was one of disbelief followed by exhilaration.


"KC is one of the most sought-after, not to mention multi-talented personalities in the industry today," beamed MMK production manager, Ginny Ocampo. "Kaya naman we're very happy na kami ang napili niya sa una niyang paglabas bilang isang aktres."

A WELL OF EMOTIONS. In the February 15 episode of MMK, KC plays the character of a rich young girl named Darlene. Her good fortune, however, changes drastically when her parents meet an accident. Darlene's mom [Agot Isidro] luckily survived but not her doting father [Ricky Davao].

Because of the tragedy, and with her father being the sole provider, Darlene and her family's life took a downturn. While her mother completely gave up on life, preferring instead to stay in the hospital bed, Darlene assumed responsibility and became the breadwinner; discovering the joys and at the same time the pains of a simple-yet-difficult life she never thought she'd experience.

When the trailer of the episode was played before the official presscon, everyone inside the room was awestruck with KC's depth and natural sensitivity as an actress. For someone who is so sheltered in real life and still feeling her way in front of the camera, KC has all the potential to be a serious actress like her parents.


A workshop, revealed KC, was instrumental in bringing out the actress in her. But it was also helpful in bringing out most of her pent up emotions. KC reasoned: "You really have to scratch the surface to know who you are before you take a role... magpakatotoo ka dapat as a person bago mo ma-play yung mga ganyang role, ng buhay ng ibang tao, istorya ng ibang tao."

KC dedicates MMK's episode to her mom, Sharon Cuneta. "I hope I make her proud," she humbly enthused with a wishful tone.

Based on the trailer alone, she most definitely will.

Watch KC Concepcion's TV acting debut this Friday, February 15, in a special post-Valentine episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya right after Maging Sino Ka Man on ABS-CBN.


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