Derek Ramsay shifts to comedy for TV5's sitcom Mac and Chiz

Expect laughter from (L-R) John “Sweet” Lapus, Bianca King, Derek Ramsay, Empoy, and Jojo Alejar every Sunday night on TV5's sitcom Mac & Chiz.

Derek Ramsay's comedic skills will be tested on TV5's weekly sitcom Mac & Chiz.

The actor is joined by comedians Empoy, John “Sweet” Lapus, and Jojo Alejar in entertaining viewers every Sunday night on TV5. Directed by Jade Castro, this sitcom airs every Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

Derek said he did not need to prepare for the new role given to him since his co-actors gave him quick lessons about comedy.

“I learn from the best right here,” said the English Only, Please actor.

“I just watch them. I watch their timing, I watch how they are.

“And what I always tell myself is to always listen.

“Just keep listening to what they're throwing out there so that pwede kang sumabay.”

The hunk actor also said that he tries to avoid being self-conscious during taping.

He explained, “I don't want to think too much because if you think too much then it becomes too mechanical.


“That's what I've noticed, that's what I've learned.

“If you think and you get too mechanical, it doesn't work.

“Parang sa akin, I'm just conscious na kailangang mapakinggan ko sila, I watch them.

“Sometimes, without thinking, something comes out naturally.”

Although he's been taping with the gang for a few weeks now, Derek still doesn't consider himself as a comedian.

“I won't call myself as a comedian,” he said.

“Kasi I'm surrounded by comedians and they make me funny.

“I know my leveling, I know my capabilities.

“A comedian is like Sweet, who can stand here and make you laugh in 15 minutes; or Empoy can stand here and can make you laugh a lifetime.

“I'm working with a great bunch of comedians and I just give a little bit here and there to the scenes that we have.”


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