Maningning remains behind bars in "Prinsesa ng Banyera"

The characters of Ara Mina, Kristine Hermosa, and Oyo Sotto all want to learn the truth about the death of Daphne (Angelika de la Cruz, not in photo).

While striving to find justice for her sister Daphne's death, Maningning (Kristine Hermosa) draws strength from her loved ones who are willing to help, and the hope that the person who is the key to the scene of the crime will wake up from a coma. The episodes get more exciting in this week's episode of Prinsesa ng Banyera, on ABS-CBN.

Eric (TJ Trinidad) and Maningning find hope in Victor (Oyo Sotto) who is showing signs of recovery. Because of his past involvement with the crime, and the letter he sent Maningning, Victor could lead them to who really killed her sister, and absolve her from the accusations.

But while Victor is still in a coma, there is not enough strong evidence pointing to the killer. And so, Maningning stays in jail as the prime suspect while the mastermind is still on the loose. Their only hope lies in Victor, because aside from his knowledge of the crime, what happened to him can also be the link to Daphne's (Angelika de la Cruz) death.


Will Victor ever wake up to expose the truth about the murder? And will Maningning ever see the break of day outside prison walls? Don't miss the shocking turn of events this week on Prinsesa ng Banyera, weekdays after Wowowee on ABS-CBN.


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