Japanese TV series "Hana Kimi" premieres today, March 24

Ashiya Mizuki (background) falls in love with a young athlete named Sano Izumi (foreground) and she transfers to Japan to be close to him. However, Mizuki must disguise herself as a boy to enter the same school that Sano attends. Hana Kimi airs Mondays through Fridays at 5:45 pm on GMA-7.

The romantic comedy Hana Kimi is the latest addition to the Kapuso Network's telenovela series that will air Mondays through Fridays at 5:45 pm on GMA-7.

After the unexpected triumph and fascination for Coffee Prince comes a new Japanese series that will satisfy Filipino viewers' flair for funny yet heart warming stories that revolve around love and concealed identities.

Hana Kimi's heroine is Ashiya Mizuki, a Japanese girl who is living and attending a school in America. Mizuki is an excellent jumper and a member of her school's track and field team. While watching a TV program, she chances upon Sano Izumi, an outstanding jumper in Japan, and she instantly becomes attracted to him. Without much ado, Mizuki goes to Japan to meet and befriend Sano.

However, Sano was involved in an accident that injured his leg, forcing him to quit high jumping for a while. The accident paralyzed him and eventually robbed him of his pleasant disposition. Mizuki decides to look for Sano in Japan and convince him to jump again. But her mission is not that simple and easy.

For one thing, Sano attends an all-boys high school and Mizuki must disguise herself as a boy to enter. She cuts her hair and poses as one of the boys just to be close to Sano. Her great masquerading is full of complications, cover-ups and unexpected romances.

How long can Mizuki hide her identity in the school after Sano accidentally finds out her secret? Will Sano fall in love with Mizuki? What will Sano's reaction be when he finds out that Mizuki is a girl? Can Mizuki control her feelings for Sano who has also developed special feelings for her?


Hana Kimi bagged the 54th TV Drama Academy Awards for Best Drama in 2007. Watch the premiere of Hana Kimi today, March 24, at 5:45pm on GMA-7.





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