Marian Rivera and Glaiza de Castro feel awkward portraying female lovers in The Rich Man's Daughter

Glaiza de Castro is cast as Althea, the female lover of Jade (played by Marian Rivera, wearing red). Cast members of The Rich Man's Daughter had immersion exercises with the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.

Marian Rivera admits she and Glaiza de Castro still feel awkward about portraying female lovers in The Rich Man's Daughter.

To prepare for their roles in GMA-7's upcoming series, the cast members had immersion exercises with members of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.

According to Marian, she and Glaiza carefully discuss their scenes in order to make viewers believe that they are actually in love with each other.

"Nag-uusap kami ni Glaiza kung paano ang gagawin, paano niya ako hahawakan, paano kami magtititigan, paano namin ide-deliver ng mas kapani-paniwala ang mga eksena," during an interview aired on 24 Oras.

In the show, Marian will portray Jade, the daughter of a rich tycoon who wants her to marry a guy even though she is in love with another woman.

Glaiza de Castro is cast as Althea, Jade's female lover while Luis Alandy plays the male partner of Jade.

Katrina Halili is cast as Wila while Chynna Ortaleza is cast as Batchi.

Marian pointed out what she likes most about The Rich Man's Daughter: "Makikita nila sa soap na ito ang iba't ibang anggulo ng pag-ibig na dapat lahat ng pag-ibig nirerespeto."

Glaiza, who is cast as the female lover of Marian's character, revealed what she learned about lesbians: "The way they love, the way they care for their partners."

In a separate interview with Marian on Sarap Diva, she revealed: "Favorite ako ng lahat kasi nag-iisang babae ako [sa family namin]." previously had the chance to interview GMA-7 Vice President for Drama Productions, Redgie Magno, regarding this TV show that will delve into the world of lesbianism.

She revealed that The Rich Man's Daughter is inspired by the true story of a Hong Kong tycoon who offered millions of dollars to any man who could win the heart of his lesbian daughter.

In 2012, real estate developer Cecil Chao offered 500 million Hong Kong dollars (around P2.867 billion pesos) to any man who succeeded in marrying his daughter. However, he withdrew his offer when his daughter wrote an open letter to him asking him to accept her sexuality and her female lover.

According to Magno, "Based sa Hong Kong story about this filthy rich father or tycoon who offered to pay billions para paibigin ng lalaki ang anak niya kasi nga lesbian ito."

The Rich Man's Daughter marks the second time that GMA-7 depicts same-sex relationships. In 2013, the Kapuso Network aired the groundbreaking teleserye My Husband's Lover that depicted a married man who had a homosexual relationship.






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