"Maging Sino Ka Man" Book 2 ends on Friday, March 28

Maging Sino Ka Man Book 2 ends after airing for almost four months on ABS-CBN. Watch how the characters of (L-R) Toni Gonzaga, Sam Milby, Anne Curtis, Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz, Angelica Panganiban, and Derek Ramsey will find closure in this TV drama series on Friday, March 28.

Maging Sino Ka Man Book 2 ends with a gripping finale that will tie up the loose ends of this ABS-CBN drama series. The second installment of this series is the continuation of the love story of Jackie (Bea Alonzo) and Eli (John Lloyd Cruz) as well as JB (Sam Milby) and Celine (Anne Curtis).

Book 2 opened with the second honeymoon of Eli and Jackie in Barcelona. But their marital bliss is ruined when they take in Lena (Angelica Panganiban) who is actually Jackie's half-sister. Jackie becomes pregnant but she suffers a miscarriage when she sees Lena and Eli kissing each other.

As for JB and Celine, they got engaged but their happiness was tainted by the news that Celine is afflicted with pancreatic cancer. After some time, JB and Celine get married on a beach with Onay (Toni Gonzaga) as their witness. After struggling with the disease, Celine died peacefully while watching the sunset with JB.

Another character who got killed in the story is Monique, Fidel's former estranged wife and Jackie's mother. She comforts Fidel (Christopher de Leon) when troubled and did her best to win the trust of her daughter Jackie. Monique learned about Fidel and Mateo's (Phillip Salvador) plan to engage in a duel and she tried to stop the two men. Unfortunately, she gets caught in the crossfire and dies of a gunshot wound.

Fidel goes on a rampage when he learns that someone is trying to brainwash Jackie about Monique's death; he thinks it is Mateo. He confronts him with rage but Mateo remains adamant. The truth about Monique's death arises and Fidel seethes with anger. Will Jackie allow grief and rage to completely destroy all her relationships?


Meanwhile, JB swallows his pride as he finally says sorry to Onay for everything that he did that had hurt her. Will Onay allow a new friendship to blossom and give JB another chance?

As Eli tries to move on and let go of his life, Jackie realizes that she can no longer pretend that she can live without him. Will she forget everything and start anew with Eli or leave him forever?

Will they all attest that love can prevail over everything—even pride, hatred, deceit and a broken promise? Watch the final episodes of Maging Sino Ka Man Book 2 when it airs weeknights on ABS-CBN until this Friday, March 28.





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