COMMENTARY: Willie Revillame's Wowowin

Love him or hate him Willie Revillame is back and you can either ignore him or join the mayhem.

Everything that Willie does will now be invariably be compared with what he did on ABS-CBN's Wowowee, TV5's Willing Willie and Wowowillie where he enjoyed a cultlike following. So why change the routine at all? Why not just make it bigger and better?

GMA-7 indeed welcomed Willie back like rich dad embracing a prodigal son back into the family fold. It took Willie nearly 16 years for go back to the Kapuso Network where he started, but now he’s back and he may be here to stay.

In 1987, Willie was tapped to be a "hawi boy" (similar to a bodyguard) for Randy Santiago who was part of the defunct noontime show Lunch Date.

Wowowin was launched this 2015 with a bang. Of course, it opened with wow.

The opening production itself lasted for almost half an hour, opening to dancers in multicolored garb perched atop the helipad of the Wil Tower to set the pace for the revelry. The energy is heightened by sweeping drone camera shots of the city skyline.

This gave way to a smoking flamenco number by Kylie Padilla, and then a fantastical dance number by Lovi Poe in a bird-like costume as she was surrounded by butterflies and odd, fantastic creatures.

Not be outdone was Winwyn Marquez in a smashing ballroom dance number.

Willie himself opened the show to the same buildup. He made an appearance with no opening spiel yet, basking in the glory of his revived cult that was already chanting “Wowowin! Wowowin! Wowowin!”

He circled the stage, titillating the audience before announcing—wait for it—“Bigyan ng jacket lahat ‘yan!” The audience screams and a highly infectious, LSS-inducing song swells in the background.

Girls, money and mayhem. A heady mix to lure the faithful seeking solace from the monotony of everyday life into in a praise worship session of sort.

As fans dance to “Sumayaw, gumalaw, tumalon, talon, talon, talon, talon,” they seem to be transported in Willie’s little universe of a one hour sustained broadcast with no commercial breaks (but with product promotions inserted into the program. And you will remember the products when you see them in the mall.).

Overall, the show format remained the same as its predecessors:� a trivia game, a game of luck, a dare to win an awesome money pot, and even the so-called inspirational segment wherein Willie sings a sappy song and hugs old ladies and children.

In the trivia game, most of the contestants could not even answer simple questions correctly but they clearly did not give a hoot because they’re having such a great time.

Maybe new games will be introduced as the show progresses but overall, we pretty much know what to expect. It does feel good to have the familiar back.

Hey, even April, the congratulations girl, has been resurrected. Congratulations!

Willie must have enjoyed having his show back on air but would probably not want to do a pilot all over again as he looks visibly tired from the feat.

But hey, look’s like he’s still got it. And maybe we’re in for a merry old time this coming Sunday.

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