PEP PROMO: Be a guest at "Kamandag" set

Get a chance to visit Richard Gutierrez (in photo) and other cast members of Kamandag by joining PEP's online promo. See details below.

The plot of Kamandag continues to thicken as the GMA-7 show nears its conclusion. This telefantasya is based on the Carlo J. Caparas comic strip that appeared in the early '80s. It premiered on November 19, 2007 and stars Richard Gutierrez as Vergel / Kamandag. He is the son of the half-snake, half-mortal King Saban (Gardo Versoza) and a human named Alicia (Eula Valdez).

Last week, Vergel came face to face with Lucero (Mark Anthony Fernandez) after Jenny (Jewel Mische) was admitted to a hospital for snakebite. Vergel blamed Lucero for what happened to Jenny, but Lucero blamed Ditas (Ehra Madrigal).

Lily (Maxene Magalona) is the childhood friend of Vergel who is secretly in love with him. She agreed to take care of Jenny—even though it breaks her heart to take care of the girl whom Vergel has chosen to love. Lily was spotted by Eleanor (Alessandra de Rossi) who quickly called the police to report her whereabouts.

As Vergel was fighting with Lucero and Ditas, Lily's life became endangered at the hands of Eleanor. With everyone's attention focused on the Ambogs rescuing Lily, one of Abdon's (Ariel Rivera) men tried to kill Jenny, but was interrupted by a shot from Eleanor. Meanwhile, a few other men of Abdon's had attacked Alicia, still on Abdon's orders.

Kamandag airs weeknights after another show conceptualized by Carlo J. Caparas, Joaquin Bordado.

ONLINE PROMO. To get the chance to visit the set of Kamandag, leave a comment answering our question below.

Who is the lead actor who plays Vergel in the GMA-7 show Kamandag?

PEPsters who will answer the question in the comments section will have a chance to meet and greet the cast of Kamandag. The promo is open to Philippine residents, 18 years old and above. Click HERE for the full mechanics. The raffle draw will take place on April 14 (Monday).


Thank you to all those who participated in this contest. This promo is now closed. The two lucky winners will be notified when the meet-and-greet promo on the set of Kamandag will take place.





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