Five housemates nominated for eviction in "PBB Teen Edition Plus"

Jieriel (upper left corner), Linda (lower left corner), Josef (middle), Priscilla (upper right corner) and Valerie (lower right corner) are the first batch of nominees for eviction in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus. One of them will be evicted on the April 13 episode of the ABS-CBN reality show.

After spending two weeks inside the Pinoy Big Brother house, the teen housemates finally underwent the tension and pressure of going through their 1st nomination night last Sunday, April 6. Kevin was the only one who was considered safe during the nomination since he won immunity during the first Tandem Game with the Guardians.

PBB Teen Edition Plus host Luis Manzano started the nerve-wracking nomination process that would evict one of them by the end of the week. He revealed that Jieriel was first on the list of nominees for eviction. It turned out that the Bubbly Girl of Davao received 7 votes from her fellow housemates. Jieriel broke down in tears when she found out that her frankness caused her to be included in the dreaded list.

Bikini Babe Linda of Iriga and Lethal Lasallite Josef of Mandaluyong, on the other hand, both put up a brave front to the rest of the housemates but later on gave in to their emotions when they had the chance to be alone. Linda received 9 votes while Josef got 7 votes from the other teens.


According to Big Brother's rules, the housemates are not allowed to discuss nominations outside the confession room, directly or implied. Deaf Dreamer Priscilla and Dazzling Doll Valerie were caught talking about the nomination process and their dislike for Jieriel. As a result, Priscilla of Davao and Valerie of Germany were both penalized with automatic nominations for their major violation. Feeling guilty, they shed a lot of tears.

Will the five nominees be able to set their emotions aside to face the tasks and challenges Big Brother prepared for this week? How will friendships inside the house be affected by the recent nominations?

Stay tuned everyday to Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus primetime after Lobo on ABS-CBN. During weekdays, PBB Teen Edition Plus Uber airs at 5:30 pm. You can also watch the housemates live on Studio 23, 12:00-2:00 pm.





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