Nyoy Volante, Jay-R, Melai Cantiveros and Edgar Allan Guzman are Final Four of Your Face Sounds Familiar

Nyoy Volante, Jay-R, Melai Cantiveros and Edgar Allan Guzman have made it to the Final Four of Your Face Sounds Familiar.

The four finalists were revealed earlier tonight during the May 31 episode of ABS-CBN’s franchise game show.

These top four contenders were able to get the highest points combined from jury members Sharon Cuneta, Jed Madela and Gary Valenciano as well as fellow contestants.

SATURDAY PERFORMANCES. The first batch of performers showcased their impersonation skills during the May 30 episode.

RNB singer Jay-R impersonated Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias by performing “Hero.” At the end of his performance, the jury members shared their observations and comments.

Sharon Cuneta said, "Wala na akong masabi, from the vocals, to the movements, the look, especially the abs.

“That's it, that's all I have to say”.

“It will just depend on everyone else”.

She added “As usual, you're just competing with yourself my love."

Jed commented, “All I can say is major goose bumps. Major goose bumps Jay-R”.

“Of course, Enrique, we all know him as a guy who is full of passion and full of emotion when he performs, and, you know, you embody Enrique tonight, you are Enrique, you look like him ."

“From the eyes, the nose, the lips, the mole, walang himala pero ito himalang himala e.”

“You are Enrique tonight, you set the bar really high”.

Gary pointed out, "You have done something tonight na talagang, I think, has set the standard again for everybody else to follow."

“Now, I think everybody, all the other contestants have also prepared quite a bit, I am interested to see how they are going to challenge you”.


6cyclemind frontman Tutti Caringal transformed into English singer, songwriter Mick Jagger as gave his rendition of “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” He was also supported by his bandmates and one of his friends, Kean Cipriano.

Gary observed, "Yung ginawa mo tonight is symbolic sa kung ano ang ginawa mo throughout this show."

He also agreed with what Teacher Georcelle Dapat said, “Tutti has to surrender himself to becoming Mick Jagger.”

“Alam mo Tutti from the very start of the show you are one person na I know nerver really surrenders, that no matter what the score is, and you set it again tonight”.

He added “You don’t care what the score will be, basta you wanted to do this for the show, that is what you did tonight you surrendered everything and looks like everybody accepted you”.

“I think you satisfied everybody tonight”.

Jed described Tutti’s performance: "That was one energetic number”.

“Sobrang energetic and you really let it go tonight, walang inhibitions, walang pulling back. It was just out there. I really admire you for being very vocal you show your love for what you’re doing right now”.

Lastly, Jed believed, “Tonight you’re not just a rock star, you are a star”.

Sharon said that Tutti’s performance was similar to Mick Jagger.

“Si Tutti, nakita ko yung kanyang pag-bloom dito sa show”.

“In the beginning, you really were holding back, we could all feel that”.

“This week, you just really moved like Jagger, you became Jagger, I'm very proud of you, Tutti”.


“You are getting better and better and better”.

Jolina Magdangal performed “Ben” by a five-year-old Michael Jackson when he was still part of Jackson Five.

In his comment, Jed said that he could hear the young Michael Jackson singing in front of him.

�"I was closing my eyes while you were singing, kasi nakikita ko na the movements were like keri na, the Michael Jackson movements is spot on”.

He added, “I was closing my eyes while you were singing, and I could hear, actually, the young Michael Jackson singing in front of us".

“Yung nipis ng boses yung paka innocent ng boses nandun lahat, it was very sincere”.

“I think all in all this performance was really touching”.

Sharon was moved and made her miss the Legendary Michael Jackson. "Vocally, lahat, I think it was spot on”.

“The vocals, tumagos sa puso ko, kasi namiss ko lalo siya that was so great."

Gary said that this performance of Jolina had a lot of heart.

"Sa palagay ko, yun ang dinala mo this time, was the heart of Michael Jackson as a child, on to the stage. And you did that excellently”.

He added “This was really a performance with a lot of heart and that’s for me what I saw, what I felt”.

The heartwarming performance of Jolina was followed by Maxene Magalona’s fierce performance wherenin she transformed into sexy rapper Iggy Azalea. She wore a sexy outfit as she gyrated onstage while singing “Fancy.”

"Everyone na mga celebrities na pinortray mo, it was rolled into one artist.


“You really did a great job, it’s really difficult to portray somebody who’s very now kasi alam natin yung galaw niya yung tunog niya. You did it flawlessly,” said Jed. �

He added, “You have grown so much as an artist. Sabi mo dati hindi ka kumakanta hindi ka nag peperform you’re just an actress, but now, you are everything”.

Gary said that no matter what Maxene’s standing, the most important thing is that she bought so much happiness to the show.

"I truly enjoyed watching you today”.

“For me, kahit na your standing is where you are now, you still brought so much joy not only into this one performance, but throughout the entire show”.

“That is going to set as an example para sa lahat ng mga kabataan na nnonood ngayon kasi naniniwala ako, kahit sa pagdating sa pag kanta medyo hirap ka, yung ibang contestants I don’t think that they can rap like you”.

Sharon said about the daughter of Francis Magalona: "You were very Iggy, very Iggy”.

“That was very great, that was a great performance my darling”.

“Wherever you end up, I just want you to know we have loved every minute of watching you”.

Nyoy Volante gave the audience a superb performance which he impersonated the most commercially successful tenors of all time: Luciano Pavarotti. The Pinoy singer-thespian wore a tux and carried the trademark white handkerchief of the tenor while singing “La Donna E Mobile.”

Jed Madela was speechless upon seeing Nyoy’s impersonation of the Italian singer. He belted out, "Isa lang talaga ang masasabi ko sa'yo, ang galing mo, Nyoy!"


Sharon looked back on Nyoy’s colorful track record wherein he impersonated soprano singer Sylvia La Torre to being an operatic tenor.

"From Sylvia La Torre na nagsoprano, na naabot 'yung notang napakataas in an operatic way, it's just so mind-boggling and amazing to me na ngayon naman, tenor.

“Yun naman ang nagawa mo”.

She said, “We just have to see because ang balita namin talaga kanina pa from our staff is lahat kayong walo magaling tonight and mukhang ngayong gabi daw kami mahihirapan”.

“Nyoy, as usual, I loved you, your performance”.

Gary described this performance of Nyoy by saying: “Vocally, excellent”.

“Your aura was excellent”.

“There was only one thing that I missed in the performance na usually after the performance of Pavarotti, he’s smiling. So congratulations”.

SUNDAY PERFORMANCES. Earlier tonight, May 31, the remaining contenders showed their production numbers in a bid to make it to the Final Four.

These were Melai Cantiveros, Edgar Allan Guzman and Karla Estrada impersonated iconic singers Jamaican singer Grace Jones, American singer John Legend and Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, respectively.

To bring life to Grace Jones, Melai Cantiveros wore a fur-lined coat that she later on removed to reveal her tight bodysuit underneath. She gave her rendition of “Do or Die.”

Edgar Allan Guzman wore John Legend’s trademark short curly hair and all-white ensemble in order to portray the R&B singer. �He performed the massive hit “All of Me”

The final performer was Karla Estrada who portrayed the African-American singer Aretha Franklin for the song “Natural Woman.”

Towards the end of the evening, host Billy Crawford announced that the weekly winner is Nyoy Volante who decided to give half of his prize money to his chosen charity: Anawim.

FINAL FOUR. When the total votes (since Week 1) were tallied, it turned out that the four finalists are: Nyoy Volante, Jay-R, Melai Cantiveros and Edgar Allan Guzman.

They will compete against each other in the grand finals that will take place next weekend, June 7.

(To view the past weekly winners of Your Face Sounds Familiar, CLICK HERE)






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