"Prinsesa ng Banyera" will soon air its third season

Even with the inclusion of Oyo Sotto (not in photo) in the cast of Prinsesa ng Banyera, the production manager of the afternoon soap says that the story of this ABS-CBN show will still follow the love story of Maningning (Kristine Hermosa) and Eric (TJ Trinidad).

After almost two seasons on television, Kristine Hermosa's teleserye Prinsesa ng Banyera continues airing on ABS-CBN's afternoon block for its third season.

"We are very happy that fans remain faithful to the show," says production manager Rizza Ebriega. "We are inspired further to do our very best to offer televiewers an unforgettable TV experience."

As the second season approaches its conclusion, fans will be delighted to see how their favorite onscreen couple, Kristine Hermosa (Maningning) and TJ Trinidad (Eric), will overcome a major obstacle and will share a very romantic scene.

"Prinsesa ng Banyera will always follow the love story of Maningning and Eric," adds Rizza. "But more than a love story, Prinsesa ng Banyera is the definitive Filipino drama for it discusses, among others, love for family."

A discussion between actors, production and creative team is being held regularly to ensure that the vision of the show is retained. After the healthy exchange of opinions, the whole team, especially lead star Kristine, works hard to make the show a worthwhile TV experience.

"We are a family in Prinsesa ng Banyera—from the cast to the crew to the production team. With the success of the show, we are all grateful. And, together, we all hope that our Kapamilyas at home will always be with us," says the production manager of the show.

Prinsesa ng Banyera airs weekdays during the Hapontastik time slot of ABS-CBN.





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