Cesar Montano's The Singing Bee premieres on April 21

After starring in the action series Palos, Cesar Montano will now be seen as the host of The Singing Bee. This franchise from Zeal Entertainment premieres on April 21, after Kung Fu Kids on ABS-CBN.

Get ready to sing your hearts out with Cesar Montano beginning this Monday (April 21) as ABS-CBN launches its newest singing game show The Singing Bee. Players don't have to sing the song well, they just have to sing it right!

"Everyone can sing with us every night even if they don't have a good singing voice. I am sure the viewers will enjoy The Singing Bee since most Filipinos love to sing," said Cesar, who was chosen to host this new exciting game show that uniquely combines videoke singing with spelling bee-style competition.

"It's really great to see this lighter side of Cesar which people rarely see on television. This is something to watch out for in the show," executive producer Carla Burwell pointed out.

Better known as a seasoned actor and multi-awarded director, Cesar is very much into music. He first discovered this interest when he learned how to play the guitar as a kid.


"I love playing the guitar. In fact, I had my first one when I was in grade school but I learned how to play it when I was already a teenager since all my friends play instruments," recounted the action star who was last seen in Palos. "I remember how I used to play in front of people and have gigs back then."

In 2000, he released a solo recording album under Star Records titled Subok Lang. It contains 10 tracks, which are mostly acoustic ballads.

Out of sheer passion for music, Cesar immediately accepted the offer to host The Singing Bee. He is now the Philippine counterpart of former N'Sync member Joey Fatone in the show's American version.

Cesar admits he enjoys every moment hosting the show especially when he sees his audience having a great time singing and dancing in the studio.

A franchise from Zeal Entertainment, The Singing Bee is a family-oriented game show where the players must know the exact lyrics of the given songs. A live band called the Bandble Bee, headed by Musical Director Mel Villena, perform the tune as sexy dancers, called the Honeybees, groove to the music.


Just like a quiz bee, players will have to test their knowledge and hurdle several rounds before making it as a Singing Bee Champion.

In round 1 (To Bee Continued), the Bandble bee will play a particular song. When the band stops, the player must sing the next line with the correct lyrics. The first four studio players to answer it right move on to the JumbleBee round where they must sing the lyrics right, using the jumbled words flashed on the screen.

Only two contestants will proceed to the third round called Showdown. They take turns in completing the chorus of their respective songs correctly. Whoever wins this round will be hailed the Singing Bee Champion and get the chance to play in the Final Countdown.

In the jackpot round, seven songs will be played. The player must sing the lyrics of the next line correctly. Every correct answer corresponds to P20,000. If he gets 5 out of 7 songs, the player wins P1 million. But if he makes three mistakes, the game is over.


"What is my advice to those who want to win? Start looking for your old song books. Surf the Internet and find out the correct lyrics of the songs you like, and even dislike," advised Cesar.

Don't miss the exciting pilot week! Celebrities are all set to put their musical (and lyrical) prowess to the test—Derek Ramsey, Jodi Sta. Maria, Bayani Agbayani, Mickey Ferriols, Keana Reeves, Valerie Concepcion, Heart Evangelista, JayR Siaboc, Tado, Jamie Joaquin, Brod Pete and Pooh.

The Singing Bee, begins this Monday (April 21), after Kung Fu Kids on ABS-CBN.





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