Ogie Alcasid plays ringleader in GMA-7’s "Da Big Show"

Ogie Alcasid will entertain viewers by hosting a Pinoy-inspired game show that makes use of games such as tumbang preso, patintero, piko and labanan ng gagamba. Watch Da Big Show during weekdays before Eat Bulaga.

Remember playing tumbang preso, patintero, piko and labanan ng gagamba as a kid?

What do you think will happen if the concept of each of these games was twisted and reimagined to appeal to the modern-day Pinoy?

Ogie Alcasid enters the big time as he plays ringleader in GMA-7's newest and craziest noontime game show: Da Big Show!

In Da Big Show, four teams (composed of three members each) compete in a series of games with the objective of being the last team standing. Each match consists of Philippine games that have gigantic props to amp up the fun.

Imagine the three members of each team being made to wear giant rubber slipper costumes to be able to tackle a giant can a la tumbang preso. Try to picture a representative from two teams dressed as gigantic spiders suspended and trying to jostle each other off a platform 20 feet off the ground. Visualize opposing teams trying to lift 30-pound concrete balls in a game of giant sungka.

The show's biggest challenge is a giant palayok that the winning team has to shatter for them to win the jackpot prize. Should the clay pot remain unbroken, the pot money will be added to the following day's jackpot prize.

Inspiring the players to push themselves to their limit is a cheering squad composed of 20 members. Also on hand to give moral support are six plus-sized, pretty maidens called "Da Big Girls." And acting as referees are Ogie's bodyguards More and Less.

Lunchtime has never been more exciting. Starting April 21, Mondays through Fridays, tune in to GMA-7's Da Big Show, right before Eat Bulaga.





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