ABS-CBN’s "Kapitan Boom" premieres on April 26

Komiks Presents: Kapitan Boom will air on ABS-CBN starting this Saturday, April 26. Follow the lives of the main characters played by (from left) Maja Salvador, Jay-R Siaboc, Jon Avila, and Marianna del Rio.

Mars Ravelo's Kapitan Boom is scheduled to air its pilot episode this Satuday, April 26. Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 housemate Jon Avila is tapped to play the fumbling superhero in ABS-CBN's newest fantaserye. Maja Salvador is partnered with Jay-R Siaboc, a product of the reality talent search Pinoy Dream Academy. The TV series also features veteran actors Bembol Roco and Gloria Sevilla, Brazilian model-turned-Star Magic talent Marianna del Rio, and Ang TV graduate Thou Reyes.

The comedy-adventure series is a collaborative effort from directors Dondon Santos and Frasco Mortiz. In the story, Lance (Jay-R Siaboc) accidentally acquires superhero abilities due to an unexpected transmitter explosion. Armed with a big heart, he transforms into the fumbling superhero Kapitan Boom (Jon Avila), who often faces crazy mishaps as he attempts to rescue those in need.

Maja Salvador stars as the beautiful and brilliant Melody, a commercial model who happens to be Lance's lady love. Marianna is her sultry best friend Cheska, who eventually becomes part of show's love triangle and gives a different twist to the life of the clumsy superhero.


On and off-cam, Jon and Marianna have been attracting public attention with their obvious closeness during tapings and pictorials. Can this be a possible sign of real-life team-up?

"Jon is nice and good looking but I would really like to focus on my career right now," said the Brazilian actress. "I'm also working on my Tagalog as best as I can for the viewers."

Tagalog has also been quite an issue in the series, especially with half-Irish, half-Filipino Jon Avila being new to the language.

"I'm still learning. Nag-aaral pa ako sa Tagalog," he shared. "But I'll try my best."

During the April 16 press conference of Kapitan Boom, Jon revealed that he brushes up on the language by reading tabloids, watching local movies, and listening to native speakers. He also admits to experiencing some difficulties in adjusting to his role, especially since his character is tied up that that of Jay-R's.


"Medyo mahirap yung role ko kasi ako yung alter-ego ni Jay-R," he explained. "I had to follow Jay-R...the way he eats, the way he walks, the way he sits. Pati yung mga facial expressions niya."

The whole ensemble prepared for their roles by attending workshops wherein they had to mirror each other and internalize their characters.

Teen idol Maja Salvador teams up with screen partner Jay-R Siaboc once again after having been paired in the drama series Pangarap na Bituin and in the thriller Patayin sa Sindak si Barbaara.

When asked about what the love team could offer in Kapitan Boom, Maja said that the TV series features a whole new angle to their tandem since it is an adventure-fantasy story with bits of romance tucked in between.

"Sinasabi po nila na nagugustuhan kami ng tao dahil parang yung kay Ms. Maricel [Soriano] daw po and Mr. William [Martinez] dati," said Maja, referring to the funny tandem of Taray and Kulit in the 1980s.


Jay-R adds that Kapitan Boom offers a wacky side, unlike other series where he and Maja have appeared. "Mas maraming kulitan," he said.

Komiks Presents: Kapitan Boom starts airing on ABS-CBN this Saturday, April 26, at 6:45 pm.

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