Kevin and Daddy John exit from "Pinoy Big Brother" Teen Edition Plus

Kevin Brendan Garcia-Flood (in photo) and his father John decided to leave voluntarily after spending five weeks inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. The fourth nomination night of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus is scheduled to take place tonight, April 27.

After spending five weeks inside the Pinoy Big Brother house, half-Spanish equestrian Kevin Brendan Garcia-Flood and his father John pushed through with their voluntarily exit during the April 26 episode of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus.

The teen housemate labeled as "The Spanish Stallion" was nominated for a second time for eviction together with Nicole and fellow two-time nominee Josef. Had he not exited, the three were supposed to know later in the night the outcome of the text and Internet voting that took place throughout the week.

In the live ceremony held in front of the House, hosts Toni Gonzaga and Bianca Gonzalez formally welcomed the father-son pair back to the outside world. The two were all smiles with John even doing a little spirited leap as throngs of cheering, screaming spectators greeted them.

Kevin and Daddy John's departure actually came as a surprise to those inside the PBB house since Big Brother ordered the two not to tell anybody about their decision to leave. Once all the teen housemates and the Guardians assembled at the living room of the main house, Big Brother himself made the announcement regarding the pair's decision. As a result, some cried while others were struck with disbelief.


Kevin's troubles in the PBB house started after he was nominated for eviction for the first time. He got into a heated argument with his dad about circumcision, which Kevin refused to undergo. This caused the 18-year old boy to ponder over the idea of leaving. He also became bothered by the fight between his dad and Tita Anna, Josef's aunt and Guardian. Daddy John's temper flared up when Josef refused to the do dishes and Kevin's father called him a seƱorito, prompting Tita Anna to come to the defense of her nephew.

As the Spanish Stallion and his dad were enjoying their first few moments outside the PBB house, Toni noticed that Kevin was clutching a rosary. He explained that it was a gift from fellow housemate Beauty.

Bianca asked Daddy John about his feelings regarding his recent reconciliation with Tita Anna. "We all had to do it," he said with the slight trace of a smile.


Only a month and five days have passed since the start of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus. Kevin is the second teen housemate to voluntarily exit the PBB house after half-Swedish Iriga-native Linda Backlund decided to sacrifice her stay in order to give a grand vacation to her family. The first evictee of the season is Jieriel, the Bubbly Girl from Davao.

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The fourth nomination night is scheduled to take place tonight, April 27. Stay tuned everyday to Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Uber, 5:15 pm, and Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Primetime, after Lobo on ABS-CBN. You may also watch the housemates and Guardians on Studio 23, 12:00-2:00 p.m.






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