Pristine Academy star Mart Escudero dresses up as a female student; is paired with Yana Asistio in Wattpad adaptation

Mart Escudero does not mind people doubting his gender preference since he has once again accepted a gay role. This time, his new role requires him to dress up as a girl.

When the TV5 actor arrived at the press conference of Wattpad Presents: Pristine Academy last Friday, August 7, Mart wore a red dress and a wig complete with bangs.

Reporters were immediately reminded of his previous character in Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington, wherein he played a homosexual who is fluent in "gayspeak" and is fond of wearing tight, colorful clothes.

In the week-long series, Mart is cast as Kiefer who will pretend to be a female student in an exclusive all-girls school called Pristine Academy. He transforms into Kiera to avoid a girl who claims to be bearing his child.

Isn't he worried about being typecast in such roles?

“Hindi naman siguro,” Mart said with a smile.

“Talagang karamihan sa aming mga lalaki, gusto gawin ang ganitong character.

“Bukod sa challenging, masaya siyang gawin.

“Kumbaga, ibang parte naman ng pagiging tao at artista namin, na di mo kadalasan nagagawa.”

Since he has previously done this kind of role, Mart said he's grown comfortable doing it.

“Siguro dahil madalas ko na siyang ginagawa.

“Bukod sa trabaho, ine-enjoy ko na lang ang mga ganitong klase ng character kaya relaxed na ako.”

Does he mind if people think that he is gay?

Mart said he's confident about his sexual preference, which is being a straight guy.

He added, though, “Sa tingin ko, mas gusto ko na ganun para di ako mawala sa isipan nila.

“Wala naman, at least nakakatawa, iniisip-isip nila.”

In TV5's Pristine Academy, Kiera (Mart) will fall in love with his schoolmate Aeone (Yana Asistio), making it more difficult for him to keep up his disguise and his pretense.


Find out how Kiefer/Kiera will survive his double life and protect his blossoming relationship with Aeone in the Wattpad adaptation of Pristine Academy. It airs from August 10-14, 9 p.m. on TV5.





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