Five fictional scenarios for AlDub; fans want Alden and Yaya Dub to topbill My Love From the Star remake

The scheduled meeting of newest television sensation Alden Richards and Yaya Dub didn’t push through last Saturday, August 8.

According to reports, the script for Eat Bulaga’s kalyeserye was supposed to have Alden and Yaya Dub having eye-to-eye contact at a distance. We all know now that didn’t happen, because the Dubsmash Queen fainted before she could pronounce her wedding vows to Jose Manalo’s character, Frankie Arinoli, in the kalyeserye.

Scripted? The Eat Bulaga production team and Maine Mendoza, the online star who plays Yaya Dub, maintain otherwise. According to them, overfatigue was the reason why Maine passed out.

Much like the alternate endings feature on a film’s DVD release, we reimagined the scenarios that could have happened at that unsuccessful but definitely hilarious ceremony dubbed as the #YaKie wedding:

1. Yaya Dub faints, but Alden arrives in time to catch her in his brawny arms. She slowly regains consciousness, finding her face close to Alden’s, her hero’s breath with a faint peppermint scent whiffing through her nose. Her eyes flutter and the first thing that she sees is Alden’s eyes sparkling with concern, and those irresistible dimples. Alden carries Yaya Dub and run away with her to begin their happy ever after.

2. Before Yaya Dub could say her wedding vows, Alden arrives in Mission Impossible fashion: he quickly descends from the venue’s roof, clad in SWAT-style outfit and in a harness. He snatches Yaya Dub on the waist, and together they are pulled back by the harness through the improvised hole on the roof, up into the helicopter hovering above as their getaway ride.

3. Alden arrives on the venue and quickly dashes through the wedding carpet. A brawl ensues between him and Frankie Arinoli, who gets knocked out instantly by Alden’s powerful punch. He pleads to Lola Nidora to let him marry Yaya Dub. His charming smile wins Lola Nidora’s heart and the wedding continues, now with Alden as the debonair groom.


4. Reckless, aggressive but unprepared, Alden arrives at the venue and attempts to nab Yaya Dub, but is overpowered by the Rogelios, Lola Nidora’s coterie of buffed minions.� Alden is knocked out, and when he regains consciousness, he learns that Yaya Dub fainted and the wedding didn’t push through, but Lola Nidora has already taken Yaya Dub away. He devises another plan to take Yaya Dub from Lola Nidora’s oppressive employ.

5. The officiating pastor asks the wedding guests if there’s anyone who objects to the wedding. Alden, clad in a SWAT-style outfit, suddenly appears and says that indeed he objects. He dashes to the altar and tells Yaya Dub to call off the ceremony. Frankie sees Alden’s sparkling eyes and beautiful smile. He gets distracted and confused, and finally realizes he is gay. He runs out of the venue. Alden and Yaya Dub get married instead, with Lola Nidora finally letting it happen. Alden kisses Yaya Dub, and finally she finds her voice and speaks words of love for her groom.

MY LOVE FROM THE STAR. Fans of the Aldub tandem have been clamoring for a project for their favorite loveteam.

In fact, producers are thinking of coming up with a movie featuring Alden and Maine Mendoza.

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Fans have even gone so far as to create a fictional trailer for a proposed project for AlDub.

One of their suggestions is for their idols to topbill the Philippine version of My Love From The Star, in case it is given a remake.

They believe Alden is fit to play Matteo Do while Yaya Dub is somewhat similar to Steffi Cheon.

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