Top 12 "Pinoy Idol" finalists to be revealed on June 8

Four of the 16 contenders will be eliminated in the June 8 episode of Pinoy Idol, GMA-7's reality talent search.

Four more Pinoy Idol hopefuls ended their journey towards stardom when viewers voted off Vren Villaflor, Regene Ong, Sherwin Marquez and Rye Estrada last Sunday, June 1. This left 16 hopefuls to compete for the title of Pinoy Idol.

Despite being eliminated, Rye, Vren, Sherwin and Regene graciously embraced the decision and displayed high spirits as they made their exit. Singing songs from the year they were born, the four somehow faltered in their performances to the disappointment of the judges and the viewers as well.

The top 16 Pinoy Idol hopefuls are Penelope, Merly David, Jayann Bautista, Carol Leus, Gretchen Espina, Jenri Rawolle, Mae Flores, Sue Ellen, Walton Zerrudo, Ram Chaves, Kid Camaya, Daryl Celis, JJ Jr, Warren Antig, Toffer Rei, and Robby Navarro.

The remaining contestants will take the stage this Friday after Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita and on Saturday after Pinoy Records to forge their way through the competition. Performance nights are definitely becoming more and more intense for the remaining Idol contenders. On Sunday after Kap's Amazing Stories, the last batch of bottom four contestants will be axed in Pinoy Idol, making way for the prized Top 12 of the competition.

Personal accounts and revelations from the hopefuls themselves will be shown exclusively in Pinoy Idol Extra. Hosts Rhian Ramos and Karylle will disclose the most kept secrets of the contenders and bring daily updates on their quest to become the winner of this reality singing competition. Pinoy Idol Extra airs every Sunday after S.O.P. and Monday to Thursday after Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita.





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