BATTLE OF OTWOL HUNKS: James Reid versus Albie Casino

In On The Wings Of Love, Leah (played by Nadine Lustre) is torn between Clark (James Reid) and Jigs (played by Albie Casino).

Two Cosmo hunks showed off their muscular bodies just to catch the attention of one lucky girl.

In On The Wings Of Love, Leah (played byNadine Lustre) is torn between Clark (James Reid) and Jigs (played by Albie Casino).

The October 1 episode of OTWOL showed how the two cousins competed with each other while having breakfast with Leah.

Clark was topless as he ate breakfast with Leah, whom he married for convenience.

Jigs, the ex-boyfriend of Leah, is staying with them in order to win back her heart. Upon seeing that Clark was shirtless, Jig also took off his shirt and made his chest muscles move in an effort to impress his ex-gf.

Clark also flexed his muscles in front of his "wifey."

Leah simply told them off when she noticed that the two cousins trying to outdo each other.

Later on, Jigs confronted Clark and asked him what is the real score between him and Leah.

The husband of Leah said, "We had a deal. That's all. Huwag kang mag-alala."

Still, the tension between the two became too intense that Jigs ended up pushing Clark during their discussion.

A frustrated Leah ended up walking out and told them that she would be the one to leave the apartment because of their antics.

As it turns out, common friends of Leah and Clark set them up so that they would see each other in a restaurant.

While talking, Clark admitted his real feelings for Leah.

"Habang lumalayo ako sa iyo, lalo akong nahihirapan, lalo akong nasasaktan," said the young man.

Leah also confessed, "Ako rin naman, Clark. Kung alam mo lang."

Clark held Leah's right hand as he declared, "I can't leave you, Leah. I can't let you go."

He then tenderly kissed Leah's hands.

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