How did #ALDUBMeetsTVJ fare against It's Showtime in ratings game?

On October 3, Eat Bulaga was able to generate a TV rating of 42.7% in Mega Manila while It's Showtime got 9.9%, according to AGB Nielsen. Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (left frame) met the Dabarkads at the Broadway studio while Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda (right frame) had a twerking dance on Showtime.

The battle between the noontime shows of GMA-7 and ABS-CBN continues to intensify.

DABARKADS MEET ALDUB. Last October 3, the atmosphere at the Eat Bulaga studio had a fiesta vibe as they anticipated the arrival of the Aldub loveteam of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub.

A marching band accompanied the Dabarkads as they entered the stage where several tables were set up.

Lola Nidora then challenged Alden to a game of rock-paper-scissors in order to determine their seating arrangement.

Alden won the game, which is why he got to sit in a small table with Yaya Dub (played by Maine Mendoza). The Pambansang Bae also had the chance to shake hands with Yaya Dub.

In response, the young girl did a live Dubsmash and sang "Wish I May" while accompanied by Alden.

While Lola Nidora was distracted by Allan K, Alden had the chance to feed Yaya Dub with dried mangoes with chocolate that he brought as pasalubong.

He and Yaya Dub also had a sweet moment when they drank from a buko while their faces were very close to each other. Joey de Leon even made the move of putting Alden's arm around Yaya Dub!

The Dabarkads then had an group-fie with Alden and Yaya Dub as they did their trademark "pabebe" wave.

MAGPASIKAT ON SHOWTIME. Last October 3, the hosts of It's Showtime competed against each other for the annual anniversary "Magpasikat" competition.

This marked Showtime's first visit to Binan, Laguna. They performed various stunts and production numbers at the Alonte Sports Arena.

Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis heated up the stage through a twerking showdown.

Billy Crawford tried fire dancing in their Magpasikat performance that fused singing and fire dancing in one production.

He was teamed up with Karylle and “PINASikat” finalist “The Fire Assassin” Amokk.

Jhong Hilario and Ryan Bang, joined by “Funny One” grand winner Ryan Rems, differentiated the courting stye of Koreans and Filipinos.

Vhong Navarro and Eruption, with “Mini Me” season one grand winner Nhickzy Veench Calma, showcased dance moves from different eras.

Kuya Kim Atienza, Teddy Corpuz, and Jugs Jugueta (who called themselves as “Tropang Biglaan”) displayed their impromptu composing skills to test together with “That’s My Tomboy” winner Epey Herher.

For her birthday production number, Coleen Garcia showed off her flexibility through daring stunts.

MEGA MANILA RATINGS. How did Eat Bulaga and It's Showtime fare in Mega Manila based on data from TV ratings data supplier Nielsen TV Audience Measurement?

On October 3, Eat Bulaga was able to generate a TV rating of 42.7%, which made it the No. 1 most-watched program (daytime and primetime) last Saturday.

This figure is slightly lower than last Saturday's phenomenal rating of 45.7%, which is still the highest TV rating so far for 2015.

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Meanwhile, It's Showtime failed to get a double-digit rating as it got 9.9% on October 3.

NATIONWIDE RATINGS. Eat Bulaga and It's Showtime had an 11.3-point difference in their TV ratings nationwide, based on data from Kantar Media.

Eat Bulaga, which used the hashtag #AlDubMeetsTVJ, got 27.7% in national ratings (Total Philippines, Urban and Rural).

It's Showtime, on the other hand, got 16.4% when the hosts gave samples of their "Magpasikat" performances.






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