Angelica and Zanjoe fight temptations in "Your Song"

A married couple played by (left frame) Angelica Panganiban and TJ Trinidad will be tested when another married couple (right frame) portrayed by Wendy Valdez and Zanjoe Marudo cross paths due to an unfortunate accident. See their love story unfold in the June 15 episode of Your Song.

In the second episode of the mini-series of Your Song: I'll Take Care of You, viewers will be able to watch the continuing saga of two married people who are both lonely and begin to find comfort in each other. Based on Richard Poon's song "I'll Take Care of You," this episode tells the budding romance between Miguel (Zanjoe Marudo) and Ria (Angelica Panganiban).

Now that Aris (TJ Trinidad) and Chinnie (Wendy Valdez) are comatose from their unfortunate accident, Miguel and Ria take care of their spouses and continue to live their lonely lives. After spending time together in the same hospital suite and seeing each other show their love for their respective spouses, Miguel and Ria start to develop feelings for each other.

Trying to fight off her growing affection for Miguel, Ria begs her husband Aris to wake up and save her from her loneliness. But with their spouses' worsening condition, will Ria ever be able to go back to her normal life? Will Miguel fight for this new love or stay with the woman he married?

Directed by Trina Dayrit and written by Mari Lamasan, be captivated with the intriguing yet fascinating story about forbidden love in Your Song Presents: I'll Take Care of You by Richard Poon, this Sunday, June 15, on ABS-CBN, after ASAP '08.





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