9 Reasons Why James Reid's Clark Medina is "ultimate boyfriend material"

James Reid and Nadine Lustre are lead stars of ABS-CBN's On The Wings Of Love. In this hit romantic-comedy series, they play Clark and Leah, a couple who got married for convenience.

For several weeks now, your female friends may have been gushing over Clark Medina on their social media accounts.

Clark is the character played by heartthrob James Reid on ABS-CBN's hit primetime romantic-comedy series On the Wings of Love.

On week nights, you can expect posts of your lady friends running down your social media feed because of their kilig from Clark’s romantic gestures for his wife Leah Olivar (played by Nadine Lustre).

Here are several reasons why girls consider Clark Medina as “ultimate boyfriend material.”

1. He’s handsome. Yes? Yes!

2. He’s got the abs.
Need I say more?

4. He knows how to make a girl feel special.
From random prom dates to preparing breakfast (topless), Clark did it all for Leah.

5. He’s funny.
Girls like guys who can make them laugh.

6. He’s a real gentleman.
He does little sacrifices to make Leah feel more comfortable about their set-up.

7. He’s very talented.
Knowing how to sing and dance gives him plus pogi points!

8. He values family and Filipino traditions.
Clark’s marriage with Leah may have been done for convenience but now that he has admitted his feelings for her, he is eager to do everything to prove his love. This includes meeting Leah’s father, Mang Sol (played by Joel Torre), and agreeing to do "paninilbihan" the Filipino way.

9. Clark will find ways to be with Leah
. In the TV series, Leah decided to go back to the Philippines because of two major reasons (don't worry, we won't spoil it for you). However, Clark accepted a job in the Philippines just to follow his beloved.

OTWOListas, what are your reasons for loving Clark Medina?

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