Karen Davila will host reality parenting show "Wonder Mom"

Former investigative reporter Karen Davila is the host of the morning show Wonder Mom, which will air its pilot episode this weekend. This reality parenting show from ABS-CBN will air every Saturday and Sunday at 9 a.m.

Karen Davila takes on a new assignment and helps women become super mommies in her new show Wonder Mom. Dubbed as a reality parenting show, Wonder Mom will air its pilot telecast starting this Saturday (July 5) and Sunday (July 6).

Known as one of the country's top anchors who champions women's and children's issues, Karen puts on another hat and helps solve common problems encountered by parents in rearing their children and offers solutions through the help of experts.

"It's a whole new side of Karen that has never before seen on television. I want the viewers to see and appreciate this softer and motherly side of my personality through this show," said the former host of the investigative journalism show XXX. Karen was replaced by Pinky Webb in the said late-night show last May.

As a mother of two young boys, David Jude and Lucas Emmanuel, Karen had her own dilemmas while raising her sons and admitted that she finds it hard to spend quality time with them given her hectic schedule. She also shares her experiences in disciplining her kids as she feels some guilt for not giving them enough time.


"These are only some of the issues I can personally share to moms out there. That's why this project is very personal to me," Karen added.

The show will be seen twice a week. On Saturdays, it will share with the viewers parenting issues of one mother and her kids. On Sundays, Karen will be seen on the show to discuss the concerns of the parents and brings in experts to give advice.

"It tackles the simplest to the complex problems of child rearing. We will talk about problems like children who don't want to eat vegetables, children being disrespectful, sibling rivalries and even how to take care of an autistic or disabled child," said executive producer Margie Natividad.

Continuous monitoring will also be done after the episode to keep track of the progress of every featured household.

Wonder Mom with Karen Davila begins this Saturday (July 5) and Sunday (July 6), 9:30 AM on ABS-CBN.



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