Miguel Mendoza and Bea Muñoz are probationary scholars in PDA Season 2

Bea Muñoz and Miguel Mendoza received the lowest grade of 5.06 for their rendition of Regine Velasquez's "Araw-Gabi." As probationary scholars, one of them will be eliminated next week during the 5th Gala Night.

Singing a duet should have been a walk in the park for real-life couple Bea Muñoz and Miguel Mendoza. Instead, they were criticized for their lack of "magic" and were named this week's probationary scholars during Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2's 4th Gala and Probation Night last night, July 12, at the PDA Concert Hall in Quezon City.

Bea and Miguel received a score of 5.06 for their rendition of Regine Velasquez's "Araw-Gabi," which was received coldly by resident jurors Louie Ocampo, Gerard Salonga, and this week's guest judge Jamie Rivera.

According to Louie, their performance was safe and lacked magic as a duet. Louie also said the song failed to move him musically, a comment that mirrored Gerard's observation of Miguel's performance last week. However, for Gerard, it was Bea who ruined the number for singing out of tempo. The scholars sang duets this week, and the pairs received a collective grade for their performances. Bea has been the part of the bottom four since the start of the competition while it was the first time Miguel—on a steady decline since his lauded performance during the 1st Gala Night—became part of the bottom group. Both scholars are up for the vote and one of them will be expelled next Saturday.


Although Jamie thought it was obvious that Cris Pastor and Sen Nichols worked hard on their passionate performance of Tina Arena's "Burn," the other judges seemed to disagree. The pair received a score of 5.36, the second lowest grade this week. Cris was saved from probationary by the mentors while Sen was saved by his co-scholars.

Meanwhile, the unlikely pair of Bunny Malunda and Christian Alvear ("Ain't No Mountain High Enough") and Iñaki Ting and Laarni Losala ("Kung Ako Na Lang Sana") received compliments from the judges. Although Iñaki and Laarni previously had issues with each other, Jamie said their rendition of the Bituin Escalante hit was effortless. Despite earlier comments that Bunny and Christian looked like a mother-and-daughter tandem instead of a couple, Gerard said he enjoyed the performance, despite its minor flaws. "[Your performance] needed a little bit more rehearsal but I'm willing to forget all about that because the performance was good," he said. Louie, on the other hand, thought Van Pojas and Apple Abarquez's "Nobody Wants to be Lonely" was musically safe but unromantic.


Liezel Garcia and Bugoy Bugayon, who performed Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You," received the biggest compliment of the night from Gerard. "Hanep, that was really good. Pati ‘yung kulot sabay na sabay. It was great," he said. "'Yung konting diction issues lang, pero if you just work on that, ok na ito."

Wu Chun and Calvin Chen, members of the boy band Fahrenheit and stars of the Taiwanese soap opera Romantic Princess airing on ABS-CBN, were guests last night.

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