How did And I Love You So fare against Buena Familia and Destiny Rose in ratings game?

Starring Julia Barretto and Miles Ocampo (left frame), And I Love You So aired its pilot episode on December 7, 2015. Buena Familia (middle frame) is led by Angelu de Leon and Bobby Andrews. Destiny Rose is topbilled by Fabio Ide and Ken Chan (right frame).

Julia Barretto made her television comeback via ABS-CBN’s newest afternoon teleserye titled And I Love You So.

Also starring Miles Ocampo, Inigo Pascual, Angel Aquino, Dimples Romana, and Tonton Gutierrez, this family drama aired its pilot episode yesterday, December 7.

AILYS replaced the Roxanne Guinoo-Jhong Hilario starrer, Walang Iwanan, that ended its seven-week run last Friday, December 4.

The new Kapamilya show, which airs after All of Me, is pitted against GMA-7’s Buena Familia and Destiny Rose, since it airs in the middle of the timeslot of these shows.

The story of And I Love You So revolves around Trixie (Julia Barretto) and Joanna (Miles Ocampo) who found themselves competing for each other to be the best in their college and for the attention of the guy that they both like: Justin (Inigo Pascual).

However, a hidden truth will change their lives – they are sisters, as they have the same father, Alfonso (Tonton Gutierrez).


The rivalry between the two girls becomes even more heated when Alfonso decided to marry Joanna’s mother and his high school sweetheart, Michelle (Dimples).

This happened when Trixie’s mother, Katrina (Angel), left them without any explanation.

However, Katrina returns to claim from Michelle what she thinks is rightfully hers.

The pilot episode of AILYS revolved around the complicated love triangle of Katrina, Michelle, and Alfonso.

Michelle and Alfonso loved each other since high school, but due to Katrina’s deception and schemes, the two got separated.

Alfonso got both women pregnant. He married Katrina for the sake of giving his daughter Trixie a complete family.

On the other hand, Michelle decided to stay with her big brother Joey (Benjie Paras) and raise her daughter Joanna on her own.

Years later, Alfonso admitted to Katrina that he still loves Michelle. This prompted Katrina to leave her family, leaving Trixie hurt and broken.


Meanwhile, Joanna grew up only having Michelle and her Uncle Joey by her side, since she thought that her father died already.

In the coming episodes, viewers will witness how Trixie and Michelle’s lives will intertwine and how their rivalry will intensify even more.

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MEGA MANILA RATINGS. How did And I Love You So fare in Mega Manila data based from the TV ratings data supplier AGB Nielsen?

The pilot episode, which aired from 4:05 p.m. to 5:04 p.m., got a single-digit rating of 9.1%.

On the other hand, its rival shows were able to get double digit ratings.

Buena Familia, which stars Angelu De Leon, Bobby Andrews, Kylie Padilla and Julie Anne San Jose, aired from 3:35 p.m. to 4:22 p.m. This drama series got a TV rating of 15.5%.

Meanwhile, the Ken Chan-starrer Destiny Rose aired from 4:22 p.m. to 5:11 p.m. The show about a transgender woman registered a TV rating of 15.8%.


NATIONWIDE RATINGS. According to Dreamscape Entertainment, which produced AILYS, the Julia-Miles-starrer got a TV rating that is 0.1-point higher than its rival show.

The data is provided by TV ratings supplier Kantar Media.

AILYS registered a TV rating of 13.3% while Destiny Rose got 13.2%.

On the other hand, Buena Familia, which got a TV rating of 12.5%, is pitted against the Albert Martinez-Yen Santos starrer All of Me, which registered a national TV rating of 12.5%.

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