Maine Mendoza goes on date with Alden Richards on Sunday Pinasaya

Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards brought kilig when they drank from the same softdrink bottle on Sunday Pinasaya.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza brought kilig to noontime viewers earlier today, December 13, when they appeared together on Sunday Pinasaya.

Maine was introduced as Chenelyn while Alden was cast as Richard on GMA-7's noontime show.

The Aldub love team went on a date in the SPS segment set at Caring Deria, ang kainang may hugot.

Ai-Ai delas Alas said that she reserved a table in the carinderia of Joey Paras' character for her second nephew who is also her tenant.

The other characters questioned Alden why he chose to have a date in a carinderia.

He explained, "Sa date naman, hindi bale kahit saan kayo magpunta. Ang importante, magkasama kayo at pinaparamdam niyo sa isa't isa na espesyal kayo."

In response, Jerald Napoles quipped, "Ang gwapo-gwapo ang kuripot!"

Maine then arrived while riding a pedicab.

She and Alden approached each other in slow-mo and just as they appeared that they were about to kiss, Valeen Montenegro suddenly stepped in and blocked them.

Valeen recognized her as Chenelyn and Alden muttered about the botched kiss, "Malapit na!"

During their date, Maine revealed that her mother still runs a talyer (car repair shop).

Earlier, Maine was commended for changing a flat tire of the pedicab on their way to the venue.

Alden complimented Maine by saying, "Ang ganda-ganda mo," eliciting cheers from the studio audience.

Maine responded by saying, "Thank you ha, ang gwapo-gwapo mo."

They were then asked to recount their first date.

"Pumunta kami sa bar at nag HHWW [holding hands while walking]," recalled Richard.

"Uminom kami ni Chenelyn ng Coke tapos shinare niya sa akin."

At that point, Alden and Maine brought kilig when they drank from the same softdrink bottle and put their foreheads together.

Audiences cheered upon seeing the kilig moment of their idols.

It will be recalled that Aldub had a similar kilig scene when they shared the same buko in a past Kalyeserye episode on Eat Bulaga.






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