"They Kiss Again" and "Las Tontas" air on ABS-CBN

Viewers will be able to follow the married life of Jeanie (Ariel Lin) and Michael (Joe Cheng) in the Taiwanese TV series They Kiss Again. It airs on ABS-CBN every weekday afternoon starting July 29, 2008.

A Taiwanese drama about married life will entertain Kapamilya viewers starting Tuesday, July 29, 2008. Based on the Japanese manga Itazura na Kiss (Mischievous Kiss), this new offering of ABS-CBN stars Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin as the lead characters whose lives have changed ever since they got married.

Odd couple Jeanie (Ariel Lin) and Michael (Joe Cheng) are back for more romantic adventures as newlyweds in the sequel of It Started with a Kiss. After all they have been through, the two finally decided to tie the knot and face the challenges of an early-married life, which will become the focus of the show titled They Kiss Again.

Jeanie learns the ropes of being a wife, tries hard to become a good nurse, and work alongside her genius husband Michael who, on the other hand, focuses on his study of medicine.

The aspiring doctor unexpectedly runs into a girl from his past and meets four new friends, one of whom wishes to replace him in Jeanie's heart.

How will their lives turn out with all the conflicts coming their way?

LAS TONTAS. Meanwhile, as Jeanie and Michael go about their married life, Candy (Jacqueline Bracamontes) bitterly longs to have her own marriage in the newest afternoon Mexican novela Las Tontas.

On the day of her wedding, Candy catches her fiancé Patricio (Valentino Lanus) in the arms of another woman. She leaves town and start anew with her uncle in Guadalajara.

It seems a fresh start but little does Candy know that she is pregnant with Patricio's baby.

Her whole life is about to change as a new baby is set to arrive alongside a new man, Santiago (Jaime Camil), who will make her fall in love once again.

Will he be Candy's true love? What if Patricio reenters the picture and rekindles their past?


Don't miss the fun and romance in Las Tontas followed by They Kiss Again in ABS-CBN's Hapontastic on weekday afternoons.





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