Daniel Matsunaga on girlfriend Erich Gonzales: "She's so much more mature in showbiz than me."

Daniel Matsunaga is grateful to be given the chance to work with his girlfriend Erich Gonzales, whom he sees as one of his acting mentors.

Daniel Matsunaga is grateful for the support shown by viewers for Be My Lady, his ABS-CBN morning teleserye with real-life girlfriend Erich Gonzales.

"We are doing very good. Maraming maganda comments sa mga Instagram namin, sa lahat actually," the Brazilian-Japanese actor told PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) at the unveiling of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society's Spay / Neuter campaign.

The event was held last February 4 at Sobremesa restaurant at the Sapphire Bloc in the Ortigas Center.

"Our ratings, thank God! God really doing incredible work in my life, not just with my life, Erich’s life as well.

"And God’s good. He really has His timing for everything."

With people looking forward to the story of Phil and Pinang, Daniel became more optimistic that the show would be the lighthearted show that Filipinos need in their everyday life.

"You guys can expect so much happier… so much kilig. The story is just starting, di ba?


"It’s super nice, it’s super ganda, It brings the value of the Filipino and it will inspire a lot of Filipinos, especially yung mga OFWs, you know, they’ll be very inspired with the show because it’s all about love, you know?

"Love is the thing you can share with others. It’s all there in the show, you know.

"It’s not all about money, you know, kahit wala ka… kahit hindi ka mayaman or whatever, you know, it’s not about that.

"It’s all about happiness and being with your family, friends and how to find love and how love finds you, di ba?

"So, it’s all there in the story, very positive.

"Very kilig, very entertaining ‘cause, ano, by next week, for sure it’s gonna be very happy, the show.

"Very nakakatawa, very nakakatuwa. I’m sure they’ll love it."


WORKING FAMILY. Daniel observes that the positive vibe of the show overflows behind the scenes.

"It’s the first time I’m having a show na sobrang saya. Everybody’s super close.

"We have chats together with everyone and every time, you know, like a huge family.

"And all of us we’re so close to each other, that you know, even the jokes, kind of personal jokes, you know, tawa, di ba? Super happy."

Since the shooting locations of Be My Lady are mostly in Arayat, Pampanga, Daniel gets to appreciate the Philippines even more.

"Actually, you know, you are away from pollution and everything and it’s so nice especially sunset. And the night life there is amazing.

"The only thing is the heat.

"It’s incredible how hot Pampanga is in that kind of rice field. ‘Di ba sa bukid. sobrang init, you know, minsan masakit sa balat.


"Pero kaya naman, it’s just, you get used to it and you know, it’s fun."

Of course, it helps he gets to work with his girlfriend Erich, whom he sees as one of his acting mentors.

"Well, there are a lot of things that she suggests like sa lines, yung, 'Hinga ka lang' then the pause of the lines and everything.

"It helps a lot ‘cause sometimes, you know, as I’m just how many years sa showbiz, like four years pa lang, di ba?

"She’s so much more mature in showbiz than me.

"And I’m learning a lot with Erich, with all of them."

SIMILARITY WITH PHIL. With the character of Phil being a foreigner who finds myself falling in love with the Philippines, Daniel sees a bit of himself in him.

"I think they really connected to my real life, di ba?

"Not really nung bata ako na sobrang bully or whatever, di ba? That’s just part of the story, you know?


"This show is just, you know, my role there… I’m a foreigner. I’m a Brazilian-Japanese the same as I am in real life.

"And siyempre Phil Olivera [his character], he’s trying to fix his mistakes in life, di ba?

"And I guess, you know, you’ll try to do everything for his loved ones and siyempre you encounter a lot of things in his way, but yun."

Even if the character is similar to Daniel, as an actor he is beginning to see the process of understanding and internalizing a character.

"Even though if we’d not be the same, I guess, you know, it’s professional.

"Once you’re there in a role, once you read it and once enter your character, your role there, it just comes out naturally."


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