ON THE SET: "Dyosa" komiks launch

In Dyosa, Anne Curtis (in photo) plays agoddess of air, land, and water who keeps the balance between the world of mortalsand the world of immortals. This fantaserye will air on ABS-CBN starting August11, 2008.

Mall goers of Trinoma temporarily stopped their shoppinglast Monday, July 28, to watch the stars of Dyosa shoot some sequencesat the mall's activity center.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was invited on the setof this upcoming ABS-CBN fantaserye. The sequence shot that day was the komikslaunch that displayed the powers of Dyosa (Anne Curtis) a.k.a. Josephine.

Gods and goddesses will grace ABS-CBN's primetime block when Dyosa airsits pilot episode on August 11 (Monday). As the goddess of air, land, andwater, Dyosa (Anne) must keep the balance between the world of mortals and theworld of immortals. She is able to transform into a centaur as Dyosa Tierra, abird as Dyosa Cielo, and a mermaid as Dyosa Agua. When PEP asked Anne to chosewhich character is the most difficult to portray, she answers, "The centaurkasi mahirap talaga yung positioning of the body. Mahirap sa loob ng costume."

The fictional komiks launched that afternoon is called Dyosaand is published by Makiling Publications. Zanjoe Marudo, one of the leadingmen of Anne, describes his role in this TV series directed by Wenn Deramas.

"Ako si Mars, isang illustrator. Ako ang gumagawa sa DyosaKomiks. Napapanaginipan ko ang lahat at dino-drawing ko sa komiks. Yunpala, nado-drawing ko mismo ang buhay ni Dyosa. Pero hindi ko alam na ang Dyosapala si Josephine, na lagi kong kaaway sa opisina. Siya pala si Dyosa pero lagikaming mag-kaaway. In love ako sa Dyosa pero hindi ko alam na siya pala yun."

Zanjoe left for the United States to take part in theCoverboys tour abroad. The sexy male group will go to San Francisco, Chicago,and Los Angeles to perform with Nikki Gil.

According to Direk Wenn, he has already shot enough episodesto last for about five weeks but the show is initially slated to run for 16weeks. He then described the three leading men of Anne in this fantaserye.


"Si Luis Manzano yung protector ni Anne. Siya yung best friendna in love pero hindi niya pwede sabihin kay Anne. Si Zanjoe siya yung komiksillustrator na link ng immortal world at ng mortal world. Si Sam Milby yungbeast na magkakagusto kay Anne kahit na bawal ma-in love sa Dyosa."

Playing the antagonist in the story is Maricar de Mesa. "I'm Calliope Makiling,ako yung may-ari ng publication company. Ako yung publisher. The character ofAnne, si Josephine, and Zanjoe, si Mars, will be working for me. Mga tauhan kosila."

One source of conflict in the story is the fact that herfather stole the original idea for Dyosa Komiks from the family of Mars."Inagaw ng tatay ko sa tatay niya [Zanjoe] kaya kami yung mayaman."

She also causes conflict since she is in love with Mars. Shedoes everything in her power to prevent Josephine from becoming close to thegraphic artist.

Aside from shooting indoor scenes in Trinoma mall, the castof Dyosa also went to out-of-town locations such as Calatagan, Batangas.The world of the gods is created using special effects. "Kasi ang gusto konglugar, imposibleng magawan ng set," explains Direk Wenn. "Gumamit kami nggreen-blue chroma para ma-achieve yun."

He describes the fantasy world that will be seen in Dyosa:"Yung island surrounded by water. Parang Niagara Falls na may island sa gitna.Saan ka naman kukuha ng ganun?"

The theme song of Dyosa is performed by YengConstantino. It is a cover of the Asin song titled "Himig ng Pag-ibig."

This fantaserye will begin as ABS-CBN's My Girl comesto an end.

Click HERE to view behind-the-scenes photos of Dyosa.





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