LOOK: Encantadia 2016 Sang'gres bond with Ynang Reyna for the first time

The Sang'gres and their Ynang Reyna (L-R) Kylie Padilla, Glaiza de Castro, Sanya Lopez, Marian Rivera and Gabbi Garcia bonded on Yan ang Morning earlier today, May 10.

The Sang’gres of Encantadia 2016 took a photo with their Ynang Reyna for the first time.

This happened when Glaiza de Castro, Kylie Padilla, Gabbi Garcia and Sanya Lopez appeared as guests on the May 10 episode of Marian Rivera’s talk show, Yan Ang Morning!

This is the first time that Glaiza, Kylie, Gabbi, Sanya and Marian were together in a TV guesting after being revealed as the royal diwatas of Encantadia.

According to Marian, it has been a long time since she took part in a teleserye. She is looking forward to doing the fantaserye because of her co-stars.

She told her co-host Boobay, “Ang tagal ko nang hindi nagso-soap, pero excited akong gawin ito especially ang gaganda ng mga kasama ko dito, oh.”

During the Yan Ang Morning! guesting, the Sang’gres and their Ynang Reyna did several activities together.

They first did the “Dyosa Dance” or belly dancing.

The audience also played along with the Sang’gres for an Encantadia quiz.

Marian and the Sang’gres also talked about courtship and dating in one segment.

In another portion of the show, Marian and the Sang’gres taught viewers how to cook dumplings.

As the show concluded, the cast members what viewers can expect from the requel (remake + sequel) of Encantadia.

Glaiza, who portrays Pirena, said, “Marami pang hindi naiku-kuwento sa Encantadia so abangan niyo, malapit na.”

Gabbi, who reprises Alena, posted the photo of the Sang’gres together with Ynang Reyna on her Instagram account.

Viewers will get to see more of Marian, Glaiza, Kylie, Gabbi, and Sanya when Encantadia 2016 begins airing this third quarter of 2016.

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