LOOK: Wally Bayola's face gets submerged in water on Eat Bulaga!

Wally Bayola's face was submerged under water in the Sugod Bahay segment of Eat Bulaga!

Wally Bayola showed he is up for anything--including getting his face dunked in a basin of water!

The Eat Bulaga host gamely joined a skit with a Sugod Bahay winner who wanted to be a kontrabida.

They were given a scenario to act wherein Wally played the good-for-nothing father who incurs the wrath of the Sugod Bahay winner.

Jose Manalo instructed them: "Two-minute acting lang 'to. Naglalaba ang mga kapatid...tapos ilulublob mo ang mga kapatid mo sa tubig.

"Tapos darating ang ama [pointing at Wally]. Ilulublob mo rin ang tatay mo sa tubig."

Wally laughed and agreed to do the scenario.

The aspiring kontrabida did indeed dunk the faces of her siblings into the "planggana" when Wally arrived to tell her off.

She reprimanded him and said, "Isa ka pa, Tatay. Mga tamad sila katulad mo." She then dunked Wally's face into the water basin!

However, the incident was not captured by the cameras so they did a second take.

Vic Sotto and the other Dabarkads said they should focus on the dunking scene.

They changed the blocking of the characters so that Wally's face could be seen as it was submerged under the water.

Here's the scene from the June 22 episode of Eat Bulaga:

This incident comes at the heels of Jose Manalo's funny antics when he accidentally fell in a river while hosting Eat Bulaga.

Last June 14, Jose Manalo recreated his accident by letting himself fall into the Santolan River again when cameras were unable to capture the incident.

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