Kiko Estrada explains why he prefers not to have a constant love team partner

Kiko Estrada is happy to be working with his mother Chesca Diaz in GMA-7's Sinungaling Mong Puso. "I can relate so much and it's so easy to work with her. She's a very good actress," Kiko said about his mom.

Kiko Estrada is very happy and excited to work with his mother Chesca Diaz in GMA-7's Sinungaling Mong Puso.

In fact, Kiko and Cheska also play mother-and-son in this upcoming afternoon series.

In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) after the pocket press conference last July 5 at GMA Network Center, Kiko said that being related in real-life gave them the opportunity to be more prepared on the set.

"Pag-uwi ko, nagsi-script reading na kami, nagbabatuhan na kami ng linya, kakagising ko lang.

"[Sabi niya,] O Kiks, yung script week 1, week 2, week 3, and then I was like okay let’s go.

"Habang kumakain ako binabasa ko lang, tapos binabato ko sa kanya [yung linya] habang nagluluto siya.

"So alam mo na pagdating sa taping, we’re gonna be good and the chemistry is immense, chemistry with all the artists here. I’m excited for people to watch this."

According to Kiko, it was their executive producer Leilani Feliciano's idea to bring in the mother-and-son tandem, which was also featured in That's My Amboy.

"I can relate so much and it’s so easy to work with her.

"She‘s a very good actress and I can't wait for her to make her mark here because her role here is very good."

While Kiko has already been working with Chesca for two shows now, he has never worked with his father Gary Estrada yet for a TV show.

Is he also looking forward to that?

He answered, "It’s gonna be challenging."

In the series, Kiko will be reprising the character of Jason, a role once portrayed by Aga Muhlach in the 1992 movie version.

According to the 21-year-old actor, he feels pressured because of the fact that Aga once played his role now.

He said, "Of course, Aga Muhlach is a great actor, but the pressure comes off with the good actors that you’re with, good directors.


"So I feel very comfortable with the people I’m working with but of course there still is [pressure] but I think pressure is good to bring out the best effort."

Aside from Kiko, the main stars of this show include Rhian Ramos and Rafael Rosell. It is expected to start airing on GMA's afternoon block on July 18.

In this series, Kiko's character is involved again with the role portrayed by Jazz Ocampo, his leading lady in That's My Amboy.

It can be remembered that Kiko's original love team was Kim Rodriguez, his love interest in Strawberry Lane and My Mother's Secret.

Does this mean that he is starting off another tandem with Jazz?

However, he pointed out, "I don't consider myself as having a love team because I don’t really like having a love team.

"I consider myself as an actor. I’m just happy na I'm getting work.

"It’s so hard kasi to have a love team kasi you get stuck to one another and you're not able to do other projects."

However, for this TV show, his character Jason will have an illicit affair with Rhian's character Clara.

At 21 years old, Kiko said that he is willing to do intimate scenes with Rhian for the series. He sees it as a way of jumpstarting his career by accepting more mature roles.

"I love mature roles because it shows na that’s the real life, e, if you’re an actor.

"I would say yes if the script is nice. If it’s needed talaga. Who am I to judge the script?"

Is he ready for the criticisms of the viewers that at such a young age, he is already engaging in mature scenes?

He explained, "I don't think people will judge, kasi we’re at the state of time, yung society natin ngayon, smarter.


"We show [in this series that] we fight for what we believe in or what our characters believe in or what we want.

"You will see in the transition of the characters because people make mistakes, people make decisions based on their experiences.

"We react to what happen, that's why we do what we do," he concluded.





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