Meet PBB Lucky Season 7 houseguest Up Thuy from Vietnam

A Vietnamese houseguest will soon make her entrance in Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7.

The 23-year-old girl originally hails from Palawan. Her father is a refugee from the Vietnam war who eventually relocated to Palawan with his family and this was where Thuy was born.

The Vietnamese girl said in an interview with ABS-CBN News, “My parents stayed in a refugee camp. Our house burned twice and my dad decided to do business somewhere else. He went to a place called Catarman [in northern Samar] and my mom followed him in Tacloban. That’s why I know how to speak Tagalog, Waray, Vietnamese and English.”

When she was 13, her family migrated to San Jose, California. She auditioned for ABS-CBN's reality show in San Francisco.

“I went there, wasn’t hoping for anything but I got this far. “ She is quite excited and ready to be part of the PBB household.

PBB Lucky Season 7 is scheduled to air its pilot episode on July 11 on ABS-CBN.

In the next two weeks, the housemates will be given the opportunity to stay in Vietnam, Thuy’s homeland and get a “feel” of the life, heritage and culture of the country. Big Brother will give them tasks for them to perform successfully.

Thuy’s stay is highly dependent on the successful turnout of these tasks. If the housemates are able to accomplish 6-7 tasks, the celebrity houseguest will be taken in as a regular housemate.

If 5 out of the 7 tasks are accomplished, the housemates will choose one lucky teen to automatically be part of PBB Teen Edition.





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