Pauleen Luna recalls her freak accident in Etheria, Encantadia's Book Two

IMAGE GMA Network / Instagram account of Pauleen Luna

Pauleen Luna posted a throwback photo from Etheria, Encantadia 2005's second book. She also recalled how she got into a freak accident while doing a fight scene.

Remember when Pauleen Luna used to be a part of GMA-7's epic telefantasya?

She appeared in Etheria, the second book of Encantadia that aired in 2005.

The actress-TV host was cast as Odessa back then.

Pauleen took to Instagram to reminisce the days when she used to be a part of the top-rating telefantasya.

Her picture posted yesterday, July 14, shows Pauleen's Odessa talking to the characters of As'nan (Rachel Lobangco) and Ora (Maricel Morales).

In her caption, Pauleen recalled the moment when she had a freak accident while taping for the TV series.

She said, "So this showed up on my facebook feed today. Exactly 7 years ago today! I played Odessa for Etheria, Encantadia's sequel.

"This is so memorable to me because I had a freak accident during one of the tapings. My ring finger got split in the middle because of a fight scene! Hello ER and 9 stitches! OOPS!

"Accidents happen! But it's all good. Now, Encantadia will always have a special mark! Excited for the new Encantadia!"

In Etheria, known as the prequel to the first book of Encantadia, Pauleen gave life to the character of Odessa, one of the powerful Herans of Etheria.

Odessa is known to be a part of Hera Aega, a tribe composed of powerful women who are also known to be great bow and arrow fighters.

Her powers included empathy or manipulation of powers, which she unleashed through her bow and arrow. Because of this, she was able to make Ybrahim (Dingdong Dantes) fell in love with her.

In the third book of Encantadia, she bore a child with Ybrahim named Arman (Marky Cielo).

However, in the requel of Encantadia which will be aired starting July 18, the Odessa character is not expected to appear anymore in the series.

According to Encantadia 2016 headwriter Suzette Doctolero, Encantadia 2016 will not include the storyline of Etheria and its downfall.


Etheria served as Pauleen's first major show when she transferred from ABS-CBN to GMA. Back then, Pauleen was already a host of Eat Bulaga! after being booted out of the reality show Qpids.

Prior to Etheria, she also appeared in the afternoon series Now and Forever presents Agos, where she also co-starred with Sunshine Dizon (who played Pirena in Encantadia) and Dennis Trillo (young Raquim in Etheria), which was aired at the same time Encantadia was airing on primetime.

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