Richard Gomez, Ian Veneracion VS. Dingdong Dantes, Jestoni Alarcon in Encantadia

by James Patrick Anarcon
Jul 20, 2016
Richard Gomez tries to save a dying Ian Veneracion (left frame) in Encantadia 2005 while Dingdong Dantes (right) was blamed for killing Roi Vinzon in the 2016 requel. Which battle scene did you like better, Encantadiks?

The fantasy series Encantadia is known for mounting epic battle scenes on Philippine TV.

One of the most iconic scenes of the telefantasya is the big battle in the first episode, where the scheming Hathors (led by Haring Arvak) tried to steal all the elemental gems. This sparked a war among Encantadia's four kingdoms: Hathoria, Sapiro, Lireo, and Adamya.

The 2005 version and the requel had a different take when it comes to presenting the big battle scene—from the storytelling up to the characters involved.

2005 VERSION. In the original version of Encantadia, the Great War was narrated by Raquim (Richard Gomez) to the young Amihan while they were still in the mortal world.

According to him, the big war in the kingdom began when Haring Arvak (Al Tantay) went on a quest to claim all the gems. He led his army to the kingdom of Adamya and started killing the Adamyans.

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Haring Arvak then threatened Imaw that he will kill the whole Adamyan race unless he hands over the water gem.

Imaw surrendered the gem to Haring Arvak but told him that the gems won't stay with him for long. Because of this, Haring Arvak stabbed the Adamyan with his sword. Haring Arvak then put the water gem in his pouch.

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Haring Armeo (Ian Veneracion) of Sapiro then faced Haring Arvak in a sword fight. Unfotunately, Haring Arvak stabbed the Sapiryan King, causing his death.

Prinsipe Raquim (Richard Gomez) tried to help the wounded Haring Armeo. Before he died, the king of Sapiro gave Raquim the earth gem.

Raquim then challenged Haring Arvak to a one-on-one battle where the Sapiryan Prince ended up killing the Hathor King. Raquim then took Arvak's pouch containing the water and fire gems.

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When Hagorn (Pen Medina), Haring Arvak's son, saw this, he challenged Raquim to a battle. He was able to wound Raquim, but the latter was able to escape along with Imaw.

Raquim then surrendered the gems to Ynang Reyna Mine-a (Dawn Zulueta) of Lireo. Since then, Lireo became the new home of the four gems of Encantadia.

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2016 VERSION. GMA-7's requel had a different take in presenting the Great War by adding new elements to the storytelling.

It still started with the Hathors overpowering the Adamyans. Haring Arvak (Roi Vinzon) also threatened Imaw that he will kill the entire Adamyan race unless he gives up the water gem. After getting what he wanted, Haring Arvak stabbed Imaw.

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Lamenting the loss of their kingdom, Imaw was able to recover from his wound through the help of Ynang Reyna (Marian Rivera) who told them to stay in Lireo for the mean time.

The move of the Hathors enraged Cassiopeia (Solenn Heussaff). As a result, she confronted Haring Arvak and issued a prophecy saying that he will die once a new Sang'gre is born.

Haring Armeo (Jestoni Alarcon), Raquim (Dingdong Dantes) and the whole Sapiryan group then found out that their kingdom is the next to be assaulted by the Hathors.

They prepared for the Great War along with the army of Lireo, headed by Aquil (Rocco Nacino).

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A big battle then ensued among the three groups of warriors. Later on, Haring Armeo and Haring Arvak had a face-off, and the Hathor King ended up killing the Sapiryan King.

Raquim was able to witness this. He asked Haring Arvak to surrender all the gems but to no avail. When Raquim was about to stab him with his sword, someone shot Haring Arvak with an arrow. It turned out be the Sapiryan warrior Asval (Neil Ryan Sese).

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The arrow instantly killed Haring Arvak and Raquim was quick to catch the gems that almost fell from Haring Arvak's hands.

Asval showed interest in the gems, saying that Sapiro will be able to control the whole kingdom of Encantadia.

However, Raquim did not entertain his suggestion and said that they should surrender the gems. This disheartened Asval.

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When Hagorn (John Arcilla) finally woke up after he lost consciousness from the battle, he saw that Haring Arvak was killed. Asval lied and told him that it was Raquim who killed his father.

While this is happening, Ynang Reyna Mine-a (Marian Rivera) gave birth to her second child, Amihan, which she named after her sister (Max Collins).

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There were a lot of changes that could be observed in this crucial event in Encantadia's story.

(To view more photos, click: Comparing Encantadia: THEN and NOW)

PEPsters, which version of Encantadia did you like more when it comes to this battle scene?

Share your thoughts in the comments sections below.

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Richard Gomez tries to save a dying Ian Veneracion (left frame) in Encantadia 2005 while Dingdong Dantes (right) was blamed for killing Roi Vinzon in the 2016 requel. Which battle scene did you like better, Encantadiks?
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