Ylona Garcia on PBB Lucky Season 7 housemate JK Labajo: "He seems sad lagi."

IMAGE PBB website (JK) / Noel Orsal (Ylona)

Ylona Garcia gives advice for her friend and Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 housemate JK Labajo. "Enjoy na lang! Be yourself!"

Ylona Garcia is happy for her friend and former We Love OPM co-finalist JK Labajo for making it as a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7.

However, the young ABS-CBN singer-actress is also worried for her friend.

She said during her July 21 presscon, "I'm so happy for him, but then when I saw his videos on PBB, he seems sad lagi."

During the July 15 episode of PBB Lucky Season 7, JK burst into tears inside the confession room as he remembered his mom who died of pancreatic cancer in 2013.

"I really just wanna give him a big hug kasi he's really such a spunky person and he's very hyper."

She then jokingly gave a warning: "He's very fun to be around pero you know once he gets mad, stay away from JK."

Ylona continued, "It's just sad to see one of your closest friends who has been crying this whole time and parang it seems like he's not enjoying his stay in PBB, it's sad to see that."

The 14-year-old teen singer also offered advice for JK, who is the youngest among the housemates currently staying in Vietnam.

"JK! Enjoy! You may be the youngest, but that is also an advantage!

"You are the most fresh! You're still fresh kasi like he's 15 and their [housemates] age gap is 5 years apart.

"For JK, he's only 15, how can he really connect with everyone?

"I'm just gonna say, JK do your thing, kahit mag-isa ka na lang, okay lang yun!"

The PBB 737 2nd Teen Big Placer then recalled the days when she used to be alone during the first few days of her stay inside the Big Brother house.

Ylona added, "Ako rin, e! I was like that sometimes in PBB, sometimes the housemates would think I'm crazy kasi I'm talking to myself, e.


"Pero okay lang yun, basta enjoy na lang! Be yourself!"





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