"Hush Hush" explores life in the showbiz world

The stars who will give life to Hush Hush are (from left, standing) Joem Bascon, Dominic Ochoa, Bernard Palanca, and Bruno Folster. They also include (from left, sitting down) Krista Ranillo, Inah Feleo, and Ana Feleo, the sister of Inah. ValeenMontenegro (not in photo) is also part of this drama series that will be shown every Wednesday night starting August 20 at 7 p.m. onTV5.

Do you want to know how life is in show business?

TV5 offers to televiewers its new drama series Hush Hush,which will take them to the world of celebrities and showbiz personalitiesevery Wednesday night.

With the help of the famous directors like Jay Abello (2008Cinemalaya best cinematography winner for Brutus), Jade Castro (critically-acclaimeddirector of Endo), and veteran director and award-winning directorLaurice Guillen, the actors will be guided to properly portray the lives of showbiz personalities in general.

Initially called Doble Kara, the show's title waschanged to Hush Hush to give it a juicier taste.

Inah Feleo, one of the actors in the show, further explains,"Simula po, ang working title namin Doble Kara kasi kumbaga, ine-explore'yong konsepto nang showbiz personality na mayroong dalawang mukha. Kumbaga, 'yong pinapakita niya sa labas orsa screen at 'yong sa bahay, 'yong totoong pagkatao ng artista. Parang ganunnga po, gusto naming maipakita sa tao 'yong both sides.


"Pero noong bine-brainstorm 'yong buong concept, 'yong buongistorya, parang sabi nila, medyo parang iba daw ang dating ng title, parangmedyo matanda at saka medyo parang negative. So, naghanap sila na mala-tsismis ang dating. Kaya naisip 'yong Hush Hush kasi parang ‘atin-atin lang'to.'"

The story of Hush Hush follows the lives of youngcelebrities as they experience the ups and downs of the entertainmentbusiness. It will also feature howaspiring celebrities struggle to attain the dream of becoming famous, theirbattle with their detractors, and their attempts to survive in the industry.

GENERAL CHARACTERS. The creative team of Hush Hush took extra care to avoid the characters in the show from being identified with a certain celebrity.

Inah tells the media, "'yong pagbuo po ng bawat characterdoon sa loob ng show, matagal na proseso siya. Talagang bumuo ang lahat ng creative writers, kumbaga, sa unang-unangset, bumuo ng stereotyped na character. For example, artista na nag-talent search, so very general talaga. Kunyari galing sa mahirap na pamilya,galling sa may dugong artista, parang ganun po. Siyempre kailangan may direktor, mga producer.


"After that, kumbaga, malaki din ang effort ng team na aftergawin yung pinaka-root, 'yong stereotype na 'yon, binabali siya para sa much aspossible wala sanang masyadong patterned na ganung tao."

Inah adds: "Very common ang bawat character. Walang bida, walang kontrabida doon sashow. Parang lahat ay bida-kontrabidain a way."

Seven actors are chosen to give life to Hush Hush andthey are: Dominic Ochoa, Bernard Palanca, Inah Feleo, Anna Feleo, Krista Ranillo, Joem Bascon, ValeenMontenegro, and Bruno Folster.

Dominic plays the role of Gabby, a talk show host who has asay in the casting of the various shows in the network. This married guy is so influential that hecan instantly give a job to Kate (played by Krista), with whom he is having an affair. Kate is a newbie celebrity who isa product of a reality show.

Bernard, on the other hand, is a young director in thisseries. He falls in love with a youngactress named Roxy. Played by Valeen,Roxy is considered as the "IT" girl in showbiz who practically has everything.


The show also features the half-Brazilian, half-Italianmodel Bruno who plays that character of Jinno. He is a long-time actor who never got the chance to be noticedbecause of the lack of roles for someone who has an accent.

Jinno and the other celebrities in the story are under theSpotlight talent agency, which is owned by Vivian (played by Ana Feleo).

Joem is an aspiring celebrity named Andy who came fromprovince. He will be paired with InahFeleo who plays a kontrabida role as Sarah.

Watch the colorful lives of thesecharacters starting tonight, August 20, at 7 p.m. on TV5. Click HERE to view photos of Hush Hush cast members.


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