"My Husband’s Woman" airs pilot episode on August 25

The complex relationship of (from left) Cassandra, Jerry, and Rosario will be featured in My Husband's Woman. This Asianovela will air on GMA-7 starting August 25, 2008.

Starting August 25, GMA Network presents the all-too-familiar story of the wife and the mistress on My Husband's Woman.

Kim Hee-ae is the liberal and level-headed Cassandra, who, after college, worked in a hotel. It is there that she met a Korean-American businessman, whom she later married.

The couple moved to the U.S. to live a quiet and blissful life, until misfortune struck. Burdened by the ruin of his business and by the inability to have children, Cassandra's husband fell into depression and committed suicide.

Suddenly widowed, Cassandra flies back to Korea to pick up the pieces of her life.

Cassandra's friend, Rosario, played by Bae Jong-oak, is a diligent wife stuck in a loveless relationship. Married to her college boyfriend, she has never been truly accepted by her husband's family. Because of this, she pressures herself to be the proper wife.

As she tries to be perfect in every way, Rosario tries to be a good friend to Cassandra, and helps her move on. Little does she know that her good intentions will be her marriage's undoing.

Cassandra falls madly in love with Jerry, Rosario's husband played by Kim Sang-joong. As Jerry starts to reciprocate her feelings, the tight pretenses around a loveless marriage slowly unravel.

Thus starts the dark and melancholic tale of love and betrayal.

Who has the right over one man? Is it the diligent wife whom he married out of duty or the liberal woman who has roused his passions? The drama unfolds on My Husband's Woman, Mondays through Fridays, only on GMA-7's Telebabad.





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