Diana Zubiri revealed to be Lilasari in Encantadia 2016

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Diana Zubiri is the woman behind Lilasari in Encantadia 2016!

Now it can be told. The face behind the mask of Lilasari is finally revealed.

Diana Zubiri, the original Sang'gre Danaya of 2005, is now part of the growing cast of Encantadia 2016.

Earlier tonight, October 18, it was revealed that Diana is the face behind the mask of Lilasari, a new character introduced in the series as an ally of Adhara (Sunshine Dizon).

In the episode dubbed #MukhaNiLilasari, Adhara destroyed the mask of Lilasari through the powerful sword called Kabilan after the former stole it from Cassiopeia (Solenn Heussaff).

A light then sparked when Adhara told her allies not to look at Lilasari's face since they might turn into stones.


Lilasari wore a small mask to prevent her powers from turning Encantados to stones. This ability was given by Bathalang Arde.

Lilasari and Adhara are now sworn enemies of the Sang'gres.

In an interview published by Encantadia's official website, Diana shared her preparations for her television comeback.

"Yung preparation ko it's more of physical yung una.

"Siyempre kailangan kong magpapayat, kailangan kong bumalik sa dati kong figure dahil siyempre lalabas na naman ako sa TV.

"At saka kailangan ko ring maging fit so nag-try din akong bumalik sa arnis lesson at saka sa sword lesson."

At the end of her interview, she said, "Abangan niyo ang alyansang Adhara at Lilasari."


In an interview with PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during an October 11 PEPTalk shoot, Sanya was asked if she already met Diana, the original actress who portrayed Sang'gre Danaya.

But then, she only answered, "Soon" with a meaningful smile, giving a hint that Diana will soon appear in the telefantasya.

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Diana is the sixth cast member from the original version to make an appearance in Encantadia 2016.

The others were Dingdong Dantes, Neil Ryan Sese, Cheska Inigo, Ryan Eigenmann, and Sunshine Dizon.

Sunshine and Diana were part of the original Sang'gres of Encantadia as Pirena and Danaya, respectively.

Meanwhile, Iza Calzado (who played Amihan) and Karylle (who played Alena) are both in ABS-CBN and are busy with their own TV shows.

When the new Sang'gres were introduced, Diana was one of those who congratulated the GMA-7 actresses who were tapped to reprise their roles.

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