Han Hye Jin stars in GMA-7’s "Be Strong, Geum Soon"

Han Hye Jin returns to Philippine television as Geum Soon. She was previously seen on TV as So Seo No in the hit Koreanovela Jumong. GMA-7's newest Koreanovela Be Strong, Geum Soon will air starting September 1, 2008.

This September, meet television's unluckiest optimist in GMA-7's newest Koreanovela titled Be Strong, Geum Soon.

Beginning Monday, September 1, Han Hye Jin, who played So Seo No in the hit Koreanovela Jumong, is back as Geum Soon. She is a cheerful yet clumsy young woman. Orphaned by her father and abandoned by her mother, she grew up in her grandmother's care.

Geum Soon is actively pursuing her dream of becoming a world class beautician. In spite of repeatedly failing the hairdressing licensing exams, she never loses hope and keeps on taking them with a cheerfulness and determination.

Things take on a different turn when Geum Soon realizes that she is pregnant. Her grandmother notices the difference in her demeanor. When she finds out about the truth, she hunts down the man who has done the deed.

The father is Jonathan, a college student played by Lee Han. His parents are not at all impressed by Geum Soon and are totally disappointed to learn about what happened. There is no other choice but to agree with the plan of Geum Soon's grandmother: to get the two married as soon as possible.

But the pregnancy is just a prelude to Geum Soon's real story. Fate will soon test her bright outlook in life when she experiences waves of sadness, depression, and death in the family.

In a world full of cynicism and a life full with tragedies, what will tomorrow bring to this young optimist? What will become of her unborn child, and to her and Jonathan?

Join Geum Soon as she realizes that something is given when something is taken away, and that a smile is the most potent weapon against the greatest ordeals. Watch Be Strong, Geum Soon everyday starting Monday, September 1, on GMA-7's Dramarama sa Hapon.





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