TV5 still planning to produce local TV shows; reveals why its TV ratings doubled

In the second half of 2016, TV5's ratings in the primetime block doubled following the airing of Hollywood TV shows and movies that are all dubbed in Filipino. However, officials of the Kapatid network disclose that they still have plans to create their own shows in the future. 

TV5's marketing executives confirmed that the Kapatid Network's TV ratings doubled in the second half of 2016 since it started airing Hollywood TV shows and movies.

The network's locally produced shows have largely decreased after the first half of 2016 as management made the move to acquire licenses to air hit series and films from the U.S. 

“Within the year, there is a distinct shift when we shifted gears, so to speak,” explained Lloyd Manaloto, TV5’s Head of Network Marketing and Digital, during The Walking Dead event called "Walker Wars Invasion" held in Boracay, Aklan on October 31, 2016.

“In terms of ratings we’re focusing more on primetime [block].

“What’s nice for example, The Flash and Arrow, the ratings for that block are 50 percent higher than what we used to get, compared to the first half of this year.”

Rissa Guilas, Head of Entertainment Marketing, supported Lloyd’s statement.


“We had locally produced content in the first half of this year. We shifted to foreign titles on second half of this year and the ratings for primetime doubled.

“We’re still the undisputed number three [behind ABS-CBN Channel 2 and GMA-7], but if you get it into context compared to how we performed during the first half of the year, our primetime ratings have actually doubled.”

Lloyd pointed out that the station's primetime block was strengthened by the zombie-themed series The Walking Dead, which airs every Thursday at 7 PM on TV5.

“The Thursday block has been actually been really, really good for us, so the numbers are actually higher. Same as well as with our Saturday movies.

“And then you have very good ratings with PBA [Philippine Basketball Association].

“So I think we had a very, very good [performance] over the last month. Hopefully we continue that trend.”

TV5 also airs other American hit series such as The Flash, Arrow, Nikita, Scandal, and even cartoons.


All of these shows are dubbed in Filipino.

Rissa said about these programs, “They performed better and they’re actually cheaper. They cost us less money because we don’t have to produce them. You just need to acquire them. So, it makes more business sense.”

ALTERNATIVE VIEWING HABIT. Lloyd explained that through marketing research, they were able to understand their audience and use this information to their advantage.

“We’re actually quite different from what the other two big networks are getting,” said the marketing/digital head.

“Strongest [program] again is most likely the PBA sports, so our content tends to skew towards that [direction]. And logical follow-up is action-oriented shows.

“That seems to be the content our consumers would like to watch in conjunction with their viewing habit of the PBA.

“The movies that do the work for us are action-oriented, active personas. They like to compete, they like to strive and that’s the shows that seems to work for us as well.


“We provide the shows that they like, [which contains stories about] struggle to beat the odds. That kind of psyche, that different from the ones you see from other networks.”

FUTURE PLANS TO PRODUCE LOCAL SHOWS. While TV5’s airtime is dominated by acquired Hollywood programs and movies, the network’s marketing officials clarified that they still plan to make local content, as long as they are of high-quality.

“At the end of the day, it’s about content. So if we feel the content is good enough, we will bring in the shows.

“That also doesn’t mean we will be using international shows. We are also still open to developing our own.”

Lloyd admitted that they realized that they initially created local shows “for the sake of creating local shows, just to fill up the airtime.”

He continued, “So in the near future, abangan mo ‘yan. We will get into that.


“But for the meantime, the shows are good enough, the quality is good enough, we will bring it in and we localize it.”

Rissa added, “We’re building our pipeline, but in the meantime, since the US TV series are working for us, then we continue to do them until we are able to come up with a strong lineup.”

When asked for a time-frame as to when they plan to execute plan to come up with their own programs, Lloyd replied, “I wouldn’t say there are no immediate plans. Abangan mo na lang.

“If we’re gonna come out, we’re gonna come out with quality [shows]. But sooner rather than later din.”





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