Ryan Agoncillo almost finished taping "Pinoy Fear Factor"

Ryan Agoncillo is expected to arrive during the first week of September after completing the taping of Pinoy Fear Factor: South America. This extreme reality show was shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In a few days time, Ryan Agoncillo will be arriving from Argentina after shooting ABS-CBN's extreme reality show Pinoy Fear Factor: SouthAmerica.

Soon, viewers will be able to know the identities of the 12contestants who have a chance to win the P2 million cash prize plus a house andlot amounting to P2.5 million courtesy of Ayala Land.

These fearless individuals are:

1. The Basketball Hunk - a man who stopped playing the gamebecause of frustration; has fear of heights (batophobia)

2. The Lover Boy - a man who almost died for being awomanizer; has fear of gross food

3. Struggling Tondo Dad - a market porter who is strugglingto provide for his family; has fear of heights

4. Funny Australian - a jolly man who experienceddiscrimination in Australia; he has a fear of roaches (entomophobia)

5. Papalicious Chef - a wealthy man who wants to conquer his fears

6. Promding Veterinarian - a man who is willing to doanything to fulfill his dreams

7. Glam Goddess - a popular host and model; has fear ofroaches and rodents

8. Hot Momma - a young mom; has fear of water (hydrophobia)

9. New Miss Body Beautiful - young head of the family; hasfear of snakes (ophidiophobia)

10. Party Bombshell - the life of the party; has fear ofwater

11. Daredevil Chick - a woman who gave up her career inshowbiz to finish her studies; has fear of the unknown

12. Flawless of Dagat-Dagatan - a woman who belongs to apoor family; has fear of snakes





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