"Survivor Philippines" castaways to compete starting Sept 15

In the GMA-7 reality show SurvivorPhilippines, 18 castaways will live in a remote island for 39 days. Willthe first Pinoy Sole Survivor come from Tribe Jarakay (blue) or from Tribe Naak(red)? Follow their adventures starting September 15, 2008.

Survivor Philippines
brings together 18 strangersfrom all over the country and divides them into two tribes.

Tribe Jarakay (which is the Thai word for crocodile) carriesthe blue color while Tribe Naak (which is the Thai word for snake) carries thered color.

For identification, each castaway has to wear a buff, anelastic material with the logo and color of their tribe.

Armed only with one machete for each tribe, the 18 castawayshave to live in the island for 39 days. To survive, they need to build theirown shelter, scavenge for their own food and protect themselves from nature'selements.

Everyday they will receive a treemail that will provideriddles, clues or instructions about the challenges for the day.

Each challenge is designed to test the castaways' strength,endurance, problem solving skills and teamwork. One day they would be made tostand for hours on a wobbling piece of wood then they'd be tasked to solve amind-boggling jigsaw puzzle the next. Most of the time, they would have to relyon teamwork to win group challenges that would decide their tribe's fate.

For a castaway, winning means everything.

Winning a reward means getting basic necessities or luxuriesthat are both rare in the island like getting pillows for a more comfortablesleep or enjoying a full course meal to make up for days without food.

But more than a reward, if there's one thing all castawayswould fight for, it's winning immunity. Immunity means having protection fromeviction.

Without immunity, one can only hope for the best when it'stime for the most nerve-wracking moment in Survivor: the Tribal Council.

This is where each castaway's fate is decided. It doesn'tmatter if you're the strongest or the smartest in the tribe because it allboils down to two things: the motives and strategies of each castaway.

The tricky part: the last few castaways voted out of theTribal Council are the ones who will compose the Jury.


When the castaways are down to the final two, it is the Jurythat will vote for the winner.

Expect a mixture of action, drama, suspense, romance andcomedy as each castaway does anything and everything to claim the P3 millionpeso grand prize and the distinct honor of being the first ever Pinoy SoleSurvivor.

The ultimate challenge of Survivor Philippines beginson September 15 on GMA-7.





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