Coney Reyes has a message for young stars who don't value their work

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Coney Reyes on having the right mindset at work: "There's nothing wrong to want to be famous, there's nothing wrong to want to earn more money. But they should look beyond that and see that whatever talent they have, they have to use it for good. Hindi kung saan-saan lang ginagamit."

Coney Reyes said that she only accepts bida-kontrabida roles with a purpose.

The veteran actress explained how she came to terms with playing kontrabida, not only in My Dear Heart but also in previous ABS-CBN teleseryes Ysabella, 100 Days To Heaven, and Nathaniel.


“Laging may change of heart yung character na pinoportray ko.


“I do not accept a kontrabida role with no redeeming value. And for me, it’s got to be a strong kontrabida for real values to come out.”


Coney also mentioned ABS-CBN’s focus group discussion (FGD), which cited her as a credible kontrabida who’ll eventually change for the better.


In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), the veteran actress shared how she manages to stay successful at her craft.  


The 62-year-old actress explained, “Siguro kasi una, pinapalangin ko rin na, ‘Lord, I want to do worthwhile projects.’


“In my own little way I want to make a difference in the lives of people.


“I am not perfect, I am far from it. But I am just willing to be used by the Lord in any way that he wants to use me.”


At the recent presscon of My Dear Heart, Coney became emotional as she noted how blessed she feels to be working with younger cast members who possess admirable work ethics.


Asked if she ever encountered a young co-star with a bad attitude, the veteran actress admitted that there are some stars who don’t take their craft seriously.


“Yung hindi maganda trato sa akin? Hindi naman sa ganun.


“Naiiyak ako kasi natutuwa ako kapag meron akong nakikitang mga batang talagang minamahal ang trabaho.


“Kasi alam ko rin naman ang pinanggalingan ko at ang mga hirap na pinagdaanan ko para marating yung narating ko ngayon na binigay ng Panginoon.


“Pero nakikita ko rin kasi yung mga iba na hindi nagseseryoso sa work. Yung parang gusto lang sumikat, gusto lang ng pera.



“And I’m not saying that’s wrong. There’s nothing wrong to want to be famous, there’s nothing wrong to want to earn more money.


“But they should look beyond that and see that whatever talent they have, they have to use it for good. Hindi kung saan-saan lang ginagamit.”


Coney added that it pays to have the right perspective to achieve success in whatever endeavor.


“If God entrusts you with a little and you are faithful with it, he will entrust you with more.


“So, who doesn’t want to be entrusted with more?


“And then when you are entrusted with more, you use that also to benefit not just yourself but to benefit other people who are in need.


“Those in need of inspiration, those who are troubled maybe with financial lack, or may mga sakit. Yun din ang isang gusto kong makita ng tao.”


When told that her son Vico Sotto seemed to have inherited her core values with the way he handles himself well in public, Coney admitted that being a single mom is no mean feat.


“I’m very proud of Vico just as I am proud also of my two other children.


“And I’m grateful to the lord for bringing us also people… Iba kasi rin yung may church, yung spiritual family. So, yun ang mga kasama kong nanalangin, tumulong sa akin para makaintindi at makapag-unawa talaga ng salita ng Diyos.


“So, alam mo, sa dasal talaga lahat, e. I acknowledge I need God, I am nothing apart from God.”


In My Dear Heart, Coney plays the role of Dra. Margaret, a renowned heart surgeon who has become cynical in life.


At one point, Dra. Margaret takes revenge at Jude (played by Zanjoe Marudo) who got her college daughter (played by Ria Atarde) pregnant.



Many years will pass by until Dra. Margaret and Jude’s lives will cross paths again.


This time, Jude and his wife Clara (played Bela Padilla) is at a loss since their daughter Heart is diagnosed with cancer and falls into a coma.


Will Dra. Margaret be the key to Clara’s recovery?





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