How did Dingdong Dantes' Case Solved fare in Kantar ratings?

GMA-7 aired a new crime documentary drama program last Saturday, February 18, 2017.  

Hosted by Dingdong Dantes, the pilot episode of Case Solved tackled a rape case that made use of DNA evidence.  

In 1999, a little girl named Myla was raped by a man named Gerrico Vallejo.
At that time, the testimonies of residents were used as basis to put him in jail. However, investigators made use of DNA technology to find out the truth.

The rape case was said to be the landmark court case since it was the first time in the Philippines that DNA used as evidence to solve a crime.

The Supreme Court of the Philippines paved the way for an organized way of collecting DNA samples. The SC decision was eventually called the “Vallejo Ruling.”

In the end, Vallejo’s DNA was found inside Myla’s sensitive part of her body and he was found guilty.

IPAGLABAN MO. ABS-CBN’s legal drama Ipaglaban Mo is now in its third year on air.

The February 18 episode featured the case of a young man named Andre (Marco Gumabao) who stabs and kills his friend Macky (Jairus Aquino) out of envy.

Andre's mother claims later on that he is suffering from a mental disorder.

Viewers got to see if Andre's family members were telling the truth or just making up an excuse for him.  
Sharmaine Arnaiz, Francine Prieto, Nathaniel Britt, and Mark Rivera were also part of this episode.
The “Laro” episode of Ipaglaban Mo was directed by Theodore Boborol.

KANTAR RATINGS. ABS-CBN legal drama Ipaglaban Mo got a Kantar rating that is 8.6 points higher compared to the pilot telecast of its new rival program Case Solved.

According to Kantar, Ipaglaban Mo got a national TV rating of 20%.

The new GMA-7 program Case Solved got a rating of 11.4% nationwide.

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How did Dingdong Dantes' Case Solved fare in AGB ratings?
How did Dingdong Dantes' Case Solved fare in AGB ratings?



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