Lea Salonga anticipates how puberty will affect contestants of The Voice Teens

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The Voice coach Lea Salonga is ready to welcome teenagers on FamiLea: "We could have people in our team who are going through this change in their physical bodies."

Lea Salonga is expecting a more challenging season when they begin the first edition of The Voice Teens.

The Voice coach says aside from the singing talent, she and her fellow coaches may have to deal with physical changes among teenage hopefuls.

Lea pointed out, “If there are any boys that really have solid voices when they auditioned for our team, if puberty starts for them, I'm gonna be like, “Of all the time for all your voice to break, it had to be now!”

She thinks that this could be a tougher season for her and her fellow coaches Sharon Cuneta, Bamboo Manalac, and returning coach Sarah Geronimo.

The Broadway actress explained, “We could have people in our team who are going through this change in their physical bodies.

“It's something for all four of us to negotiate and figure out and stress out over and agonize over.

“It's gonna be exciting.”


She added, “I mean, when you have kids, you know what you're gonna get from Day 1, nothing's gonna change except personality-wise; same thing with adults.

“With teens, every day is a challenge because every day there's a jump in development, there's something that happens overnight.

“We all have to prepare for all those changes overnight and be ready for everything.

“This is gonna be even more challenging than kids and adults.”

The Voice Teens started blind auditions last March 23.

DIFFERENTIATING THE VOICE KIDS AND TEENS. Lea admitted that her style will change when dealing with the contestants of The Voice Teens.

“Coaching with the children, I can have a much more maternal approach and a lot of the kids saw me like that anyway.”

“But teenagers see me a little differently, I think. They see me as this Disney Princess voice, or as one of the coaches on The Voice or a much older lady who did theater, Miss Saigon, did Aladdin.

"We’ll see how it plays out. I’m hoping it all plays out well. In a few years, I will actually have a teenager,” said Lea as she referred to her 11-year-old daughter Nicole.


What is for sure is that the group will have the same spirit behind it: FamiLea.

The singer for the Mulan movie recalled, “[Dubbing it FamiLea] started with the adults. It was one of the members of my team who actually dubbed us that. It stuck. It seemed appropriate to keep the name. I can’t take credit for it. But it was so lovely of him to do that.”





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