Chev Macias is voted off "Survivor Philippines"

Bisayang Palaban Chevyline "Chev" Macias is the first contestant to be eliminated in the Tribal Council of Survivor Philippines.

Bisayang Palaban Chevyline "Chev" Macias is the first castaway to be voted off Survivor Philippines. Last Friday, September 19, the former GRO and second-hand clothes dealer received all the votes from the Naak Tribe.

To escape poverty, she married a Thai national with whom she had two kids. She lived in Thailand (where this GMA-7 reality show was shot) for six years. However, her marriage crumbled and she was separated from her husband. After losing the custody battle, she was also separated from her children.

Survivor Philippines
host Paolo Bediones put out Chev's torch as he said the words: "Nagsalita na ang tribu, paalam Chev."

In her final video, Chev had this message: ‘" Pag di ko gustong tumawa, sorry. Vinote-off nila ako siguro kasi nandito yung asawa ko. I guess gusto nilang mag-reconcile kami ng asawa ko. Well, I hate you all guys!"

Since Monday, September 15, viewers have been following the rigorous challenges faced by the 18 castaways struggling to survive in Koh Tarutao, an island in the southern Thailand.

Tribe Jarakay won the first reward challenge, the chained together relay, allowing them to remove their chains. Prior to the first immunity challenge, Survivor Philippines host Paolo announced that there would be a tribe shuffle.

The new Jarakay tribe is now composed of Niña Ortiz, Marlon Carmen, Gigit Sulit, John Lopez, Jace Flores Jr., Veronica Domingo, Patani Daño, Nikki Daculo and Charisse Yacapin while the Naak tribe is now composed of Kaye Alipio, Cris Cartagenas, Zita Ortiga, JC Tiuseco, Vevherly Gador, Rob Sy, Emerson Dino, the eliminated Chev and Kiko Rustia.

Once again, Tribe Jarakay reigned supreme in the Immunity Challenge.

Survivor Philippines airs weeknights on GMA-7 right after Ako si Kim Samsoon.





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