How does Richard Gutierrez feel about playing supporting role in La Luna Sangre?

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Richard Gutierrez on playing support to KathNiel in La Luna Sangre: "I will support them kasi pinagdaanan ko rin yun, e. I have people supporting my back before so it's my time to give back."

For his first ABS-CBN project, Richard Gutierrez will portray a vampire in Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla's fantasy-drama series La Luna Sangre.

In this upcoming fantaserye, Richard will play Sandrino, the supreme vampire and the long lost son of Magnus (played by Jake Roxas in Imortal aired in 2010).

La Luna Sangre is the sequel of Imortal that was topbilled by Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz.

Technically, Richard's Sandrino character serves as a supporting role to the characters of Kathryn and Daniel.

During his May 31 contract signing in ABS-CBN, Richard was asked by the press if it's okay with him to play support to the KathNiel love team.

He answered, "You know, now that I've grown as a man, I don’t really look at it that way.

"I look at it in a way that I have a good project, it's a good role for me. I'm working together with the best team and we’re gonna offer the audience something great and something new.


"For the young love team, I will support them kasi pinagdaanan ko rin yun, e. I have people supporting my back before so it's my time to give back."

It may be recalled that Richard started out as a teen star in the 2001 teen-oriented series Click, where he had a love team with Chynna Ortaleza.

In 2004, he had Angel Locsin as his love team partner in five hit films.


Richard revealed that he already met Kathryn and Daniel during the teaser shoot for La Luna Sangre.

How did his first meeting with KathNiel go?

He recalled, "Okay naman, they seem very nice!

"Very brief lang. They introduced themselves, I introduced myself."

The 33-year-old actor admitted that he is excited to work with the Kapamilya love team.

"I am excited to work with them. We all know naman, at such a young age, for those guys, they have accomplished a lot.

"They're putting the hours in contributing to this industry and I respect that.

"At such a young age, they're doing that and they're entertaining millions of Filipinos abroad and here. I was on that path before and I know how it feels to be grinding and breaking, I respect that."

In fact, Richard was all smiles when he was welcomed by Kathryn, Daniel, and La Luna Sangre director Cathy Garcia-Molina through a video message aired during the presscon.


TOPLESS SCENE. It was also seen in the teaser aired on May 31 that Richard has a topless scene in La Luna Sangre.

The actor mentioned that he immediately hit the gym when he received the offer from ABS-CBN.

Richard already expected that his role in the upcoming fantasy-series will entail a lot of physical preparations.


This is because he also did a lot of fantasy shows in his former network, GMA-7.

He explained, "I knew coming into the project that it will demand a lot from me physically so I had to prepare on my own.

"I had to prepare on my own also and I've been doing action stunts for the last how many years already so I am aware of the demands when it comes to filming action scenes.

"I had to prepare physically. I knew that may mga harness scenes dito so it's gonna require a lot from my lower back so I strengthened my core, strengthened my lower back for the harness scenes."


Since he will portray a vampire for the first time, he feels excited especially when it comes to collaborating with Direk Cathy Garcia Molina.

"That's actually the exciting part, the challenging part also for me is to create my character different from the rest.

"I'm just thankful also that I'm surrounded with creative minds like Direk Cathy. It's a vampire role but we are not making it a dark character.

"We're gonna make it different by attacking it differently and having some light moments. We're gonna do the best we can to give life to Sandrino in a collaborative way."

Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz will only be appearing in special roles for this series.

Will viewers see his character until the end of the show?

Richard quipped, "Well, I'm hoping!"

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