Are Derrick and Bea Binene worried about being compared with Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin?

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Derrick Monasterio and Bea Binene (right frame) already anticipated that their characters in Mulawin vs. Ravena will be compared to Richard Gutierrez and Angel Locsin, the original stars of Mulawin.

Three weeks after airing its pilot episode on television, the younger cast members of Mulawin vs. Ravena are finally appearing tonight, June 8.

The cast includes Bianca Umali as Lawiswis, Miguel Tanfelix as Pagaspas, Bea Binene as Anya, Kiko Estrada as Rafael, and Derrick Monasterio as Almiro, who is called Rodrigo in the mortal world.

The teaser of the GMA-7 telefantasya showed that Lawiswis and Pagaspas were forbidden to see each other and can only secretly communicate through the stone walls that separate them.

Meanwhile, Anya grows up to be a Tabon (Taong Ibon) who became an adventurous young lady together with her friends Libero (Kristoffer Martin) and Malik (David Licauco).

In the mortal world, Rafael now treats his former bestfriend Almiro/Rodrigo as a mortal enemy. He did not even allow Rodrigo to ride in his car.

Future episodes will show how these five main characters of Mulawin vs. Ravena will cross paths and how conflicts will arise among them.

In fact, Almiro and Rafael will soon compete for the attention of Anya.

DERBEA AND CHARDGEL. The storyline of Derrick, Bea, and Kiko in the Kapuso series somewhat resembles the love triangle of Richard Gutierrez, Angel Locsin, and Dennis Trillo in the 2004 version of Mulawin.

In the 2004 version, Richard played the Mulawin Aguiluz, Angel portrayed the Tabon Alwina, and Dennis gave life to Gabriel, a mortal who is later on revealed to be a Ravena.

Angel, Richard, and Dennise also formed a love triangle in the movie version shown in 2005.

For the 2017 sequel, Derrick's character Almiro is the son of Alwina and Aguiluz while Bea plays the Anya, the daughter of Aviona.

Rafael, on the other hand, is the rich mortal son of Savana (Charee Pineda).

This situation is also expected to happen when Almiro and Rafael compete for the love of Anya.


In an interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal) during the presscon of Mulawin vs. Ravena, Derrick and Bea already anticipated that they will be compared with Richard and Angel.

Bea said, "Feeling ko, hindi naman po mawawala yun, like hindi rin naman mawawala na macompare ang Mulawin vs. Ravena sa Mulawin kahit sequel siya, kahit di naman siya remake.

"Pero siguro, isa rin yun sa mga motivations ko para mas galingan ko yung role dahil alam ko na may titingin ng ganun sa amin.

"Pero I love Ate Angel, sobrang kung meron akong mga artistang alam kong mababait na nakatrabaho ko, na nakasama ko, isa dun si Ate Angel.

"So I have nothing against Ate Angel and it's a pleasure na ma-compare sa kanya because she's Angel Locsin."

For his part, Derrick feels the pressure especially since he witnessed firsthand how Mulawin fans loved Aguiluz.

He related, "Pressured ako kasi si Richard, minahal talaga siya, e. Lalo na dati di ba, yung mga bata, yung mga teenager talagang kinilala siya as Aguiluz.

"Parang hanggang ngayon, ang dami sa Instagram ko na, 'Ay, nasaan si Aguiluz?'

"Ibig sabihin, tumatak talaga. Nakakapressure, pero at the same time, hindi rin naman kasi kami parang pareho ng role kasi anak niya ako.

"So feeling ko naman, sana yung [acceptance] ng tao kay Aguiluz, ganun din sa akin."

At this point, Derrick also revealed that he was actually handpicked by management to play Almiro.

When asked how he got the role, he answered, "Sinabi lang sa akin, e.

"Nakakatuwa kasi binigay na lang sa 'yo, ganun kalaki yung tiwala sa 'yo ng GMA.

"Parang di mo na pinaghirapan [makuha] yung role, binigay nila for you talaga."

The 21-year-old actor credited the defunct weekly series Tsuperhero for this new milestone in his career since he believes that this paved the way for him to clinch the Almiro role.


He said in jest, "Yun yung nagpasikat sa akin talaga!

"Pag nagpupunta ako sa mall, pag may nakakakilala sa akin, Tsuperhero tawag sa akin, lalo na yung mga bata. So sobrang happy talaga."

Derrick admitted that his role in Mulawin vs. Ravena can be physically tiring, especially since he has to act like a hunchback.

He explained, "Mas mahirap pag normal na tao kasi inaapi-api ako dun, e. So dapat talaga mahirapan ako. Yun yung mangyari.

"Nahirapan talaga ako kasi hindi normal [sa akin] ang hunchback, e. Hindi ako ganun, e.

"So kailangan kong laging masakit yung likod ko, tapos kailangan ko talagang magmukhang kawawa, kailangan kong magmukhang mahirapan, which is totoo, mahirap talaga."

For her part, Bea also had her share of hardships while training for the series.

She said, "Mahirap din kasi siyempre yung mga harness-harness, grabe talaga.

"It's physically challenging kaya I tried losing weight and getting fit dahil para rin sa role ko, para hindi madaling hingalin."

Mulawin vs. Ravena also stars Lovi Poe, Regine Velasquez, Carla Abellana, Heart Evangelista, and Dennis Trillo.

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